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Culture Catch-up – TV/Film/Books I Like Lately

I must admit that I spend the majority of my free-time either blogging or watching Netflix, when I'm not being cannon-balled by a little pug, that is. As such, the majority of things that appear here are only found on Netflix, but, to be honest, I'm sure most of you have Netflix and share my… Continue reading Culture Catch-up – TV/Film/Books I Like Lately

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FILM REVIEW: All About Eve

  (Or Forty-Six Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching My First Black and White Movie for Fun and Not My Education)   **Spoilers ahead** 1. I'm so cultured to be watching this. Go me. 2. So, it starts with this awards ceremony, where a young, blonde actress called Eve is accepting an award, but it lowkey… Continue reading FILM REVIEW: All About Eve


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Review

Last month, I was delivered the devastating new that my usual, absolute favourite brow product - Precisely My Brow from Benefit Cosmetics - was not going to be available until after January due to the production line being overloaded for Christmas products. Since I started getting my brows right around 6 months ago (rather than… Continue reading Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Review


Mini Autumn High-Street Beauty Haul & Reviews

Today’s post is a little beauty haul from last month of some of the products I’ve bought from Boots & Superdrug recently. Some of them I’ve loved, whilst I was less impressed with others but I’ve been reminded that there are also absolute gems for really cheap on the high-street. Recently, I’ve gotten really caught… Continue reading Mini Autumn High-Street Beauty Haul & Reviews

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BLOGTOBER #1 – Lush Twilight Body Spray Review

You’ll have to forgive me, but a lot of my Blogtober posts are likely to be Lush reviews, as I need to push myself to write more of them, plus they’re nice and short to write and upload! I’ll still be writing my usual content, as well as trying to push my blog slowly into… Continue reading BLOGTOBER #1 – Lush Twilight Body Spray Review