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BLOGTOBER #11: LUSH Jelly Masks Review!

I can't believe I haven't written this post already! I've owned a few of Lush's new jelly masks since they came out a few months ago and I absolutely love all of them! I own Bunny Moon, which is the first one I purchased, as well as The Birth of Venus and 1000 Millihelens.  … Continue reading BLOGTOBER #11: LUSH Jelly Masks Review!


BLOGTOBER #10: My High-End Make-Up Collection

A completely unrelated point to this blog-post, but I’m currently working at Cheltenham Literary Festival for the week (incredibly spontaneously, only having been asked about it yesterday!) and I may have to skip a few days of Blogtober as I’m likely to be working 15hr+ shifts every day whilst I’m here. I’m trying to schedule… Continue reading BLOGTOBER #10: My High-End Make-Up Collection


BLOGTOBER #9: Daily Make-Up Routine

I remember when, less than three years ago, my entire make-up routine would take a maximum of 5 minutes. No contouring, no highlight, no brow products. Those were the days! And, actually, perhaps surprisingly, I don't look too bad in my graduation photos, or the photos from any night out at university. Maybe there's something… Continue reading BLOGTOBER #9: Daily Make-Up Routine


BLOGTOBER #8: Lord of Misrule LUSH Shower Cream Review

I can't wait to get my hands on Lush's new seasonal products when they're released in my local Lush store next week, so I thought I'd do a review of a product I've still got left over from last year's Christmas haul. I'm one of those mad 'lushies' that stockpiles Lush seasonal products so we… Continue reading BLOGTOBER #8: Lord of Misrule LUSH Shower Cream Review

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BLOGTOBER DAY#3 – Body Shop Haul & Reviews

I've only just noticed how much stuff I've bought from the Body Shop in the past month and realised it was the perfect opportunity to write a little haul post on the blog! I've bought all types of products from cleansers to makeup to hand cream amongst others so this post might seem a little… Continue reading BLOGTOBER DAY#3 – Body Shop Haul & Reviews