Thanks To…#Coffee

Not least because coming up with new, lengthy content is hard, but also because I’ve always liked the idea of alliterative blog posts for the days of the week, I’ve come up with the concept of a ‘thankful Thursday’ where I just talk briefly about something that I like, and all the ways it makes me happy.

Also, I’ve had a really rubbish week and I could do with some positivity! So, on that note….lets go grab a coffee? 😂

Yes, I am one of the ilk of coffee fiends – more often than not there’s probably more coffee than oxygen in my blood (although I’m aware that’s not how biology works). I usually don’t have time for my first coffee before I head off to work in the mornings, but it’s my first priority on my first break. Likewise, most of my plans for my days off are centred around coffee shops and I write all of my blog posts in my local coffee shop at the end of my road (not as quaint as it sounds, it’s a chain company that has a random branch in the small parade of shops near where I live, that composes of a coffee shop, a pub, a bike shop, a butchers, two bakers and an estate agents).


  • Thank you to coffee for waking me up on mornings I’d rather just clamber back into bed and for keeping me awake until 3am when I was at university struggling to finish and edit my essays in time.
  • Thank you to coffee for tasting so nice. That sweetly dark bitter deep oomph that you can only get from a strong black mug of coffee…
  • Thank you (to my taste-buds??) that it’s impossible for anybody to mess up my coffee order. Black coffee, no sugar. Just coffee and water for me, please. Mmmm…


  • Thank you to coffee for warming my hands in the winter, whether I’m waiting at a freezing cold train station waiting for the train or stood waiting to be let into work at 8am.
  • Thank you to coffee for creating the basis of the best drinks in the western hemisphere – the pumpkin spice and gingerbread lattes. I’m drinking a pumpkin spice latter as I type this, with cinnamon on the top. It is divine.
  • Thank you to coffee for being a gate-way drug to cake. Specifically coffee cake. Obviously.
  • Thank you to coffee for all the times I met my friends in a coffee shop for a casual catch-up, for smiles shared around slurping and sipping sounds.

Thank you to coffee for fuelling every single blog post I’ve ever written, in both the places I’ve lived since writing (fairly kind of sort of) regular posts.

By now it should be clear that I like coffee…a lot. I think if I do more of these posts I might make them a bit more about what certain things have taught me, or helped me with. I’m debating doing a better, more refined version of this kind of post about Disney movies next Thursday – is this something you might be interested in reading? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and for forgiving me for already failing at trying to blog daily this month! See you (hopefully!) tomorrow!

Poppy, x

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