August Favourites

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve written a favourites post, hasn’t it? I debated doing a ‘summer’ favourites instead, but honestly, I didn’t want to tax my brain trying to remember back to May! Also, I’ve been so dirt poor these last six months that I haven’t really been trying out new things. Lastly, since I’ve started rebranding to being more of a ‘lifestyle’ blog (whatever that means), I’ve felt guilty whenever I have written a post that features beauty products. I’m slowly learning to just write what I want and not give a damn about continuity but it’s hard when you see that the people who are successful have such specific bloggy niches. Anyway, I digress. Here is a list of things that I liked about August:


  • Perhaps the best thing about August is that I had a week of ANNUAL LEAVE slap-bang in the middle of the month! I visited my parents and just had a week of resting, reading and relaxing and it was so well-needed. I walked Morrigan along the beach on the Friday morning the day before I headed back to Wales, and I felt so purely content watching her run around the sand and sea like a little mad thing. I’ve made a pact to visit more water-y places over the next 6 months – perhaps I’ll even blog about my water-y adventures – stay tuned!


  • Following on from this, I absolutely loved all the BOOKS I read during my week off:


  • Tampa by Alissa Nutting – about a young school-teacher who has a penchant for underage boys – not for the faint-hearted but thoroughly enjoyable if you like brusque, edgy writing that makes you question everything.
  • That’s Not What Happened by Kody Keplinger – reminiscent of Jennifer Brown’s Hate List (which is also a fantastic book), set after the tragedy of a school shooting and addresses the role of media reporting, rumour and collective recollection of major tragedy.
  • Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin – one of the best books I’ve read – ever. Period. This will definitely be kept on my shelf for years to come.


  • And finally, I was lucky enough to receive one of Lush’s Random Acts Of Kindness whilst on my week off. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a RAOK, sometimes Lush employees will gift you one of their products if it’s a special occasion, or they just happen to like you. I visited my local Lush when I was back home to buy a face mask to help try to quell a rash I had that was spreading up my body, inching towards my face. I’d, stupidly, left my eczema cream (the only thing that helps said recurring rash) at home in Cardiff. The lovely sales assistant recommended me Bunny Moon jelly mask (which I bought) and CELESTIAL FACE MOISTURISER. I half-jokingly (but honestly) told her that as I only had about £40 left in my bank, I couldn’t afford both, mostly just to warn her she wouldn’t be getting a large sale off me, so not to try too hard with the hard-sell approach! But she kindly gifted me a pot of Celestial moisturiser, and I have to say, I’ll never go back to another face cream now!


Celestial (which usually retails at £15) is created specifically for sensitive skin, which means it doesn’t have many nasties in it (specifically, it has no ‘perfume’, which is fantastic news for all fellow sensitive skin sufferers). It’s a very light consistency and smells slightly sweet, almost like a pink marshmallow. The scent comes from dove orchids which are soaked in almond oil – which sounds weird, but definitely smells good! After 2 weeks of using Celestial on my face, my skin is baby soft and my complexion is almost totally even. I’ve always had quite a red and blotchy face, but Celestial has somehow managed to combat this where no other moisturiser ever has. It’s also worth mentioning that the day I received Celestial, I smothered a generous layer onto my pervasive rash – as it was the only lubricant I had to hand. Literally overnight, the red, angry dry patches receded and I was able to last until reunited with my beloved steroid creams. Celestial is a miracle in a pot.


I think that’s about it for August, but I’m already busy compiling my list of favourites for September! As it’s the season of the pumpkin spice latte, I’m sure I’ll find lots of spooktastic basic bitch things to love for the next few months to come!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you guys (hopefully!) tomorrow,

Poppy, x





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