Old School Twitter-Style Reviews – Reviews in Less Than 140 Characters

I was halfway through writing this post when I remembered that Twitter doubled their character allowance to 280 sometime last year, but there’s something so challenging about creating these super short reviews that I decided to keep the 140 (or less) versions in. Also, not going to lie, it meant a much shorter blog post to write up tonight as I’m slowly easing into this daily blogging lark.


Anyway, here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m doing, consuming and thinking at the moment –

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What I’m Reading: Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

All the spookiness of Shirley Jackson with all the class of F Scott Fitzgerald. Hauntingly sophisticated and so, so good.


What I’m Eating: Oreos

Did you know that Oreos are vEgAn?!? Supposedly, anyway. Does anyone know if this true?


What I’m Watching: Inside The Criminal Mind (Netflix UK)

Proper don’t-watch-alone-at-night spooky stuff. Looks at the psychological profiling of different types of criminals and how this can be used to catch them.


What I’m Listening To: Ariana Grande’s Sweetener

On the first listen, I didn’t like it. Now I’ve listened to it on repeat for a week and LOVE it. Proper R&B soul bops. R.E.M. is my fave!


New On My Face: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Concentrated Solution

Using this sample instead of Pixi Glow Tonic. My skin is in good condition, so thumbs up! Nice smell too, though a bit chemical-y.


New On My Shelf: Written In Blood by Dianne Fanning

Though I never got into the TV series, this true crime case intrigued me. How does a seemingly ‘normal’ man become a murderer? Don’t even get me started on the owl theory!


New For Morrigan: Raincoat from Pets At Home (£15, Small, own brand)

The medium was too big and the small is slightly too small, but it beats wrapping her in a bin bag for rainy walkies! Good value too.


And that’s it! Special mentions go to Pumpkin Spice lattes, the TV show Reign and Lush’s Celestial facial moisturiser – maybe I’ll review those next week!

What things are you loving at the moment? As ever, let me know in the comments what you think and whether I should write more like this in the future.


Hope you’re doing well tonight and I shall see y’all tomorrow,

Poppy x





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