Being Google – The Questions Everyone Wants Answers To (Apparently)

The other day, I was hovering on Google, trying to work out how to phrase the question I wanted to ask. I’d already typed ‘How Can You’ into the search bar, when AutoFill suddenly kicked into gear and, I guess, filled in what most people then typed in, to finish the question. And, oh dear me, the suggestions it gave were priceless. I’m honestly astounded that some people don’t know the answer to some of the questions. Others, however, I hadn’t even thought to ask. I then spent a solid fifteen minutes typing various phrases into Google to see what it came up with before I hit on the idea of turning it into a blog post. I’ve started off with really simple questions – but if this post proves popular, maybe I’ll try searching some slightly wackier topics!


I’ve decided to take the top 3 AutoFill results and answer the questions to spread this greatly needed knowledge into the world. Or maybe I’m just screaming into the void. Who knows? Either way, here are the answers to the questions that, apparently, all of you are just dying to ask.




  1. Snoke?
  2. Banksy?
  3. The richest person in the world?



A – I must admit that off the top of my head, I have absolutely ZERO idea who or what Snoke could possibly be. I’ve never even heard of the word. A quick search on Twitter, however, revealed my ignorance – Snoke is a character in the Star Wars franchise, who first appears in The Force Awakens (which, in my defence, I haven’t seen yet). He looks like Voldemort with a really bad case of facial eczema and he’s a baddie.

Okay so this is actually a close-up of the eczema on my hand, but it could legit be Snoke…><


B – Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question for you, and neither can Google, for that matter. Banksy has, somehow, managed to keep his true identity secret for the best part of 25 years. It’s likely that he lives in the Bristol area however, as most of his work is around Bristol and the surrounding areas, including his creepy Dismaland theme park that opened (and closed) in 2015. There are theories that Banksy is either Robin Guningham, who went to a Bristol school, or Robert Del Naja, the frontman of musical group Massive Attack. Ultimately, however, nobody knows.

The only Banksy I’ve seen in real life in Bristol town centre! They look even cooler in the flesh, he’s SO talented.

C – I’m going to hazard a guess at this one and say it’s still Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. And…(*googles*) I’m right! Annoyingly close on his heels is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, and it’s looking likely that 2018’s Rich List might see Bill Gates finally toppled off the No.1 spot. Before I feel too sorry for Bill Gates though, let’s just remember that he earns $1 billion dollars per HOUR.


Phew! I was going to do a couple of different questions on this first post, but this definitely feels long enough! Do let me know if you’ve enjoyed this post and would like to see another. What weird-ass stuff have you seen come up on your Google AutoFill?

See you real soon! P.

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  1. Archon's Den says:

    I stay away from Google AutoFill. You come back late, and never completely sane. 😆


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