My Official Quarter-Life Crisis. Or What I Want To Achieve Before I’m 30.

Two weeks ago, it was my 25th birthday. I am officially old – cue the quarter life crisis! Honestly, when I was younger, I imagined that when I was 25 that I’d feel like a Proper grown-up, but actually, I don’t feel, internally, like I’ve changed at all since I was 22. I always thought that I’d be married by 25 and even entertained the idea of having children by now! It’s honestly ridiculous now, as that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve still never had a serious long-term relationship, nor have I had ANY kind of relationship for the past 2 years. My friends have also dwindled to almost non-existent since I’ve left university (those people that tell you that university is where you make friends for life are lying through their teeth, just FYI). I also imagined that I’d have a ‘career’ by 25, not still be working some crummy retail job. I still don’t even know What I Want To Do With My Life™ and that’s kinda just plain pathetic when you get to the grand old age of 25.


So, yes, this is my Quarter Life Crisis. I am wallowing in self-pity, mourning all these things I don’t have. However, I’ve decided to try and put a little bit of a positive spin on it and write a post about all the things I hope to have achieved by the time I’m 30. Call it a 5 Year Plan. I’ve heard that real adults have those.


Get the fuck out of retail and get a CAREER job.

I’m torn right now as to whether I want to go into social media marketing and management (the office graduate career) or still traipse down the murky road of wanting a health-related career. I’m seriously considering trying to get an apprenticeship at a funeral director’s. I’ve half-heartedly applied for jobs that combine the two – like a Media Assistant for the Alzheimer’s Society. My skills are that I’m creative, I write well and I love working with data. If anybody wants to hit me up with a job, my email is in the Contact page of this here blog! (!) if I’m not out of retail by the time I’m 30, just hunt me down and shoot me. Honestly, I can’t imagine anything worse.


Find a city/town/place to live in that I want to STAY in.

I either change my job or my location every 6 months – I guess you could say I have a very weird form of commitment anxiety! I don’t know what it is, and honestly, I wish I could stop. If nothing else, my CV is starting to be embarrassing when I leave every job after 6 months – there’s only so many legitimate excuses you can give! Places I still want to try and live in are Bristol, Manchester and Ireland – so maybe one of those will stick. I don’t actually particularly dislike Cardiff so maybe I’ll make the crazy decision to try and stick it out here for a few more years. My current lease ends in July, so I’ll re-evaluate how I’m feeling in around a month’s time.


Make good money. More than £25k a year.

As a comparison, I currently make £14,000 a year, and that’s a full-time, 5 days a week retail shop salary. That’s a ‘Senior’ salary, with a Deputy commercial ordering bonus on top of it too. It equates to about £12,000 a year that I get in actual money after tax. It’s absolute daylight robbery, I know. I visit and I see all the ‘entry level’ jobs promising 18-25k and I feel so cheated.


And I suppose that’s enough Proper Adult goals for now! In terms of relationships, I’m not too bothered how that pans out. I have my little doggie, and she’s far cuter than any boy or girl could be anyway. If you’ve also suffered a quarter-life crisis, do let me know in the comments below so I don’t feel so alone! How did you work your way out of it? And do you feel better now? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

As ever, thanks for reading, and stay fabulous!

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