A (Lack Of) Organisational Skills and an Old English Company Haul.

*Let’s start this off with a disclaimer, which is also a totally unsubtle brag about my first ever blogger mail, that all products reviewed in this blog post were provided free of charge, courtesy of Old English Company. That said, all views, as ever, are my own, and I wouldn’t have agreed to receive the products if I wasn’t genuinely excited about them*


I am a disorganised person.


There. I said it. I live my life in a pool of clutter and I avoid interacting with humans whenever I can. I’m the Queen of ‘I’ll do that later’ and then leaving said task for over a week.

But I’ve finally had enough. I’m going to get organised, I told myself. Not later, now. And then along came the Old English Company and I procrastinated by ordering all kinds of ORGANISATIONAL things that made me feel like an adult.

The Old English Company have multitudes of every single kind of stationery or life-improving motivational item you could possibly want. Planners, motivational quotes printed on notebooks, journals – you name it, they’ve got it. I tried to get a large range of stuff, so I could show you a few different things, but if you wanted to buy a matchy-matchy set of stationery, you most certainly could.

So, first off, I got some kick-ass stationery to help me plan out my weekly tasks and actually stick to them. I got an A5 weekly planner with tear-off sheets, an A5 pretty pink To-Do list pad and an A5 notebook. I intend to write on the To-Do list every evening with things that are niggling at me and then again every morning with things I want to accomplish that day. It could also be used as a shopping list pad, or a simple task list too. It has loads of lines on which to write things down, which I was really impressed with and the paper is really good quality too. I’ve recently placed another order with another stationery and accessories company (which shall remain un-named) that bloggers seem to love, and was majorly disappointed with the quality of their notebooks. This was my main fear when ordering stationery online this time as well, that you can’t do a quality spot-check, but Old English Company didn’t let me down!


I also got an A5 weekly planner, so I can sit down every Sunday evening and plan the week ahead, scheduling in work shifts, blog posts and everything in-between. It has tear-off sheets, which will minimise clutter, as well as making me feel that every week is indeed a fresh, new start. I could’ve chosen a pink one to match my To-Do list pad, but I just happened to want to get a few different things from different ranges.




Another thing that I’m really bad at is drinking enough water throughout the day, as well as remembering to take a glass of water to bed with me, so I treated myself to a new mug and coaster as well. Old English Co do both china and enamel mugs, and I decided to be different and get an enamel mug, as I’ve never had one before! They get a lot hotter a lot more quickly, but otherwise they’re the same, just a little more light-weight. If I’m being honest, the mug is a little bit small, but that just comes down to personal preference really.




I umm-ed and ahh-ed for a long time over whether or not to get an Old English Co planner as my one £10 item I was going to allow myself, and honestly, I really wish I had! My thinking process was that I’d already ordered enough stationery with the pad, weekly planner and notebook, but let’s be real, there’s no such thing as too much stationery. Instead, I opted for an A5 print because I really liked the range of motivational quotes that Old English Co offer, none of which were overly twee or bland. You can customise what size you want your print to be on the website, as well as what colour you want the text and background to be. I opted for a black and white print, and went for this quote:




It’s nice, don’t get me wrong. But I have no means of framing it and I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE PLANNER. Hindsight is a terrible thing.


The quote’s good though, innit?


In conclusion, I have absolutely no excuses now not to be a totally organised, together person who never puts anything off until the last minute. We’ll see how that goes? In the meantime, I’m super impressed by the Old English Company, and I’ll definitely be ordering from them again in the future, if only just to get my hands on that goddamn planner!

See y’all real soon! P.




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