Where Is thepoppyraptor Going?

You know that awkward stage in a relationship where one of you asks, “So…where is this going?”


That’s where I’m at with this blog at the moment. Increasingly, I’m finding that I’m using it to write about my mental health and that’s also where I get the most engagement and seem to make the most genuine connections with other bloggers, but I never saw myself as becoming a ‘mental health blogger’.  Equally however,  never saw myself as a ‘beauty’ blogger as I’m not one of those picture perfect girls with glowing skin and killer eyeliner wings. A few months ago, I toyed with the idea of pushing this blog over to the ‘lifestyle’ community, until I realised that I don’t want to blog about food, and I’m not the best at crafts or home decorating. And when I post about history or books, I feel like a dusty old nerd who can’t keep up with the kids anymore.


In short, I’m floundering.


When you start off with a blog, it’s good to diversify your posts so you figure out what you most enjoy writing about, But thepoppyraptor is coming up to it’s 1 year anniversary in a few weeks, and I’ve yet to carve out a brand identity. Other bloggers who started at the same time as me, who kept a consistent instagram theme, brand identity and posting schedule now have 10,000 followers and massive brand deals, when I’m stuck on less than a tenth of those numbers. And I *know* it’s not about the numbers, I do, but, equally, I can see how they’ve gotten successful and I haven’t.


What I want, what I’ve always wanted, is for this blog to help and support me to turn writing into a career. But the beauty blogger industry is massively over-saturated and there’s a thousand people who write a little bit of everything. So I’ve decided to do what I do best and do something crazily different.


I’m not telling you what just yet.


No, not even if you beg.


But I didn’t get an 1st in Creative Writing for nothing, that’s all I’m saying,


So bear with me, whilst I get everything together over the next few weeks. But on it’s 1-year-old birthday, thepoppyraptor is gonna be back with a bish bosh BASH.


Just you wait.


Catch you later. P.

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