Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Review

Last month, I was delivered the devastating new that my usual, absolute favourite brow product – Precisely My Brow from Benefit Cosmetics – was not going to be available until after January due to the production line being overloaded for Christmas products. Since I started getting my brows right around 6 months ago (rather than just drawing on blocks of dark brown colour that I now shudder at) I’ve only used Precisely My Brow and I had no idea what else to use! After much deliberating, and asking other bloggers for advice, I decided to take the plunge and buy that ONE cult brow product that every beauty blogger worth their salt owns or covets – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow.


I ordered mine through the Beauty Bay website as I’d previously got my Morphe palette from there, and been impressed with the service. I was pleasantly surprised by the price as I think £19 is fairly cheap compared to those £70 eyeshadow palettes out there (looking at you, Huda Beauty). I chose free C&C delivery to a local corner shop near me and it arrived within 2 days, which I was so pleased with. I went for the shade Ash Brown as my hair is black and I like to do quite a bold brow anyway. The shade is absolutely perfect for my brows and I’m glad I didn’t choose the darker shade (Granite) as I think that might have been too dark. The one slightly annoying thing about the delivery is that, for such a tiny product, it came in a really big cardboard box – Beauty Bay could definitely cut back on their packaging to be more eco-friendly I think.

Anyway, onto the product itself! Dipbrow doesn’t come with brush, it’s just the little pot of pomade so you’ll need your own eyebrow brush – I’d recommend one with a spoolie on the other end to brush up your brows. I use a NYX one, which was only about £8 and does the job just fine. The pomade is really easy to apply, it literally just glides on, which surprised me as I warned that it was difficult and recommended to just carry on using a pencil. It is, however, really really easy to over-apply this product, so only use the tiniest teensiest little bit for each stroke. I tend to line the bottom of the brow with one stroke and then fill it in from the back/arch, working my way towards the front.


I have found it quite difficult to achieve a perfect ‘feathered’ look at the beginning of my brows, so I have taken to use the remains of my most recent Benefit Precisely My Brow to do those few hairs at the start. When using Dipbrow, I think my eyebrow brush is a little too thick, as I can’t get the hairs to look overly thin, natural and separate. That said, using Dipbrow these past two weeks is the only time I feel I’ve achieved that perfect, coveted ‘Insta-brow’ look ever! My arch seems more defined and even my whole face seems to look more defined! I’ve even taken to lining under my brows with concealer, and adding a little highlighter under my arch, something which never seemed to make much of a difference before, but, somehow, now it does! Honestly, this product is sheer witchcraft!

I can see this pot lasting a long time as you only need to use the tiniest bit every time. And at only £19 and free delivery, I think this is an amazing cost-per-use. I can see this lasting me definitely 6 months, perhaps a year. Overall, I’m extremely obsessed – I may be asking for Beauty Bay vouchers for Christmas and birthdays from now on to purchase ALL the Anastasia Beverly Hills products! Next on my list is OBVIOUSLY *that* palette, the most-talked about make-up product of the year, Modern Renaissance!


Thanks for reading this post – and do let me know if you own any Anastasia Beverly Hills products and what you think of them below! See you soon! P.

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  1. aworthytrend says:

    I really really want to try this – adding swiftly to my Christmas list! x


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