Vogue 73 Questions Tag

I was tagged a very very long time ago to do this tag by the beautiful Shauna from www.diariesofadramatic.com. This is my first tag Q&A type post I’ve ever done on my blog and it was super fun to do! I thought it would be mega easy and quick but it’s actually taken me about 2 hours to complete this post, even though each of the answers are only a couple of words long, but there’s no other way I’d rather have spent my Sunday. (I also slept in until 2pm and I don’t really regret that either). I tag Jasmin at www.jasminzenobia.com , Saffron at www.saffronwatson.co.uk and Freya at www.tgifreya.wordpress.com


  1. What’s the best thing that has happened to you this month?

Last week I started training to become a Deputy Buyer at my job at Waterstones, which I’ve wanted to do for the past 8 months. I’ super psyched!


  1. What’s the best thing that has happened to you this year?

Having the courage to go to the doctors a third time about my depression, and having someone actually listen to me. Now I feel like I’m on the road to actual recovery more than I’ve ever felt.


  1. What’s the best thing ever?

Bears. Cute little bears with cute little ears.


  1. What’s your favourite season?

Spring. I’m that person on the first day in February when there’s blue sky who gets ridiculously excited that spring is coming and can’t stop telling everyone.


  1. What’s your favourite holiday?

Halloween because I am basically a spooky little witch.


  1. Would you ever live in a big city?

Does Cardiff count? I moved here 6 months ago. But yeah, I would, my dream is to live in New York one day, actually.


  1. What’s your favourite ice-cream?

Plain old vanilla.


  1. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

I do, I don’t understand how people who don’t actually manage to get their shoes off their feet?!


  1. What’s your favourite dessert?

At the moment, a cornetto. But I like most desserts as I have SUCH a sweet tooth.


  1. Cake or pie?

I don’t particularly like either as they fill me up too quickly, but I’m very partial to some Dorset apple cake.


  1. What’s your least favourite food?

It’s a toss-up between peas or bananas. That said, I can eat those things if I have to but I will never ever touch orange squash – does that count as a food?


  1. What’s your favourite condiment?

I like mayonnaise very much. On chips, mainly.


  1. It’s brunch, what do you eat?

Either a vegetarian breakfast or pancakes with fruit and maple syrup.


  1. What’s your favourite colour?



  1. What colour dress did you wear to your prom?

Black, £40 from Debenhams.


  1. Blow dry or air dry?

Air-dry because when the hairdryers on I feel like I wouldn’t be able to hear an intruder in my house and so I might die. Anxiety is strange y’all.


  1. Do you think you’re strong?

Yes and no. I’m slowly starting to realise that it’s always been my depression telling me I’m weak and needy and, actually, I’ve saved myself time and time again without anybody else ever even realising anything was wrong. I’m still here because of me. And I think that makes me strong.


  1. Who’s a person you’d love to have a coffee with?

David Bowie because his creativity and artistic vision inspires me daily. He wasn’t afraid to do whatever he wanted and to express himself in a way that seemed ridiculous and crazy to other people at the time. He taught me that it’s ok to be different.


  1. When was the last time you cried?

I nearly cried in the middle of Waitrose last week when my house-mate texted me to say she wasn’t going to renew the lease on our flat, but I held it together. Otherwise, I can’t remember, I’m not very much of a crier.


  1. Who’s the last person you texted?

My mother, just now, to tell her I’ve been having nightmares for the last few nights. She always knows how to make me feel better.


  1. Twitter or Instagram?

Tough one, as I enjoy using both, but I’ll say Twitter as I’ve met some incredible people over the last 6 months because of it. Special shout-out to @jasminwbu who is the absolute BEST.


  1. Who should everyone follow right now?

Jas! (see above)


  1. Have you ever had anything stolen from you?

No, I’ve been incredibly luck in that regard *touch wood*.


  1. Favourite country you’ve visited?

I’ve only ever been abroad to Paris, so I suppose I’d have to say that!


  1. Last country you visited?



  1. Country you wish to visit?

Russia, America, Germany – the list is so long.


  1. First pet?

An Abyssinian cat called Jazzy who got run over when I was 5 ☹ I still remember the exact moment my Mum told me what had happened.


  1. Favourite Disney animal?

Flounder from The Little Mermaid.


  1. What are you doing tomorrow?

Working 8-4.30 which should hopefully go quickly after a week of late shifts!


  1. What are you most excited about in life right now?

Heading towards a mentally healthy and happy place. It sounds lame, I know.


  1. What book are you reading right now?

The Sunshine Cruise Company by John Niven. It’s hilariously funny and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a light-hearted book but doesn’t enjoy chick-lit!


  1. A book you read because everyone else was reading it?

I avoided reading Twilight from the ages of 10-16 and then finally read it during my GCSE’s. I ended up loving it and, to this day, the films are my ultimate guilty pleasure.


  1. What are you completely bored of right now?

People who deny the amount of sexism and ingrained misogyny in the world. Like, are you blind??


  1. What’s your favourite beverage?



  1. What’s your favourite cocktail?

Pina colada!


  1. What would you order at a McDonalds drive-thru?



  1. What’s one thing you still have from your childhood?

I am a massive hoarder so most likely everything. The weirdest? One of my milk teeth that was in for so long it’s got a massively long root that looks like a horn.


  1. What’s your current favourite TV show?

I’ve just discovered Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix and it is AMAZING!!


  1. What’s a movie that made you cry?

Anything where the dog dies.


  1. What do you miss the most?

University life!


  1. What’s something you can’t do?

There’s no such word as ‘can’t’!! (That said, I have not yet mastered the ability to change a fuse).


  1. What are your nicknames?

My parents call me Franc (my actual first name is Francesca, although I haven’t gone by it for 10 years). Other people call me Pops when they can’t be bothered to say my full name!


  1. What makes you laugh a lot?

Being around friends. I probably do a proper belly laugh once every three months, and I always savour the feeling so much.


  1. Heels or flats?

Flats as I cannot walk in heels!


  1. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I am not very adventurous as I am mainly worried about everything that could ever go wrong.


  1. What’s one thing you wanted to do but been scared of?

Tell someone I love them. Oooooooh look at me getting all high-school.


  1. What’s the thing you’re most proud of?

When asked this in interviews, I always say my degree, but in real life….I don’t know. Probably my blog.


  1. What did you want to do with life at age 5?

Be a writer and a singer. Luckily I’m ok at one of those things as I’m shocking at the other.


  1. Dogs or cats?

Dogs all the way! Look at my Digby dog, he’s so cute! (above photo)


  1. What’s the most important thing that someone can learn?

To take control of your own destiny. Don’t let other people dictate your worth to you.


  1. Bath or shower?

As much as I love Lush baths, they’re too fiddly most days, so I’ll pick showers.


  1. Mountain hideaway or beach house?

Beach house!


  1. What’s your favourite scented candle?

….pumpkin spice scented…


  1. If you could spend 3 months anywhere, where would it be?

Tudor England. As long as I kept my head.


  1. Are you messy or neat?

A bit of both? My room can be messy but I absolute hate dirt/germs so nothing is ever like dirty in my house?


  1. What’s the first thing you do each morning?

I have to wash my hands and brush my teeth before I can do anything else, it’s a weird compulsion and I don’t know why I have it.


  1. What do you have for breakfast?

This morning I had pumpkin spiced flavour porridge with cinnamon on top and it was super nice. (Yes, I’m obsessed with pumpkin spice, don’t @ me).


  1. What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Watch YouTube videos until I fall asleep.


  1. What’s one skill you wish you had?

Incredible MUA skills so I could do make-up for a living.


  1. What’s your favourite pizza?

*whispers* I don’t like pizza….


  1. Describe your ideal partner in 3 words. (I changed the wording of this one from ‘man’ to ‘partner’ to be more inclusive)

Kind, honest, funny.


  1. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

My mum, last night.


  1. At what age were you at you happiest?

The very start of my second year at university. Age..20?


  1. What’s the last thing you ate?

Pain au chocolat, just now at 5pm as my breakfast. It’s Sunday, no judging.


  1. Where do you go when you need to be alone?

When I’m very sad, I sit on the floor in a bedroom with my back against a radiator. Doesn’t matter if it’s not my bedroom, doesn’t matter if the radiator’s not on. If I need to cry, I’ll shut myself in a bathroom, sat with my back against the bath.


  1. What’s the biggest thing on your mind right now?

How on Earth I’m going to pay the rent on a 2 bed flat by myself when my house-mate moves out.


  1. What’s the best activity to do at home on a rainy day?

Sleep the day away or read.


  1. What are you listening to right now?

I’ve discovered Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists and their pop one for me is absolutely banging. SWISH SWISH BISH


  1. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with life right now?

Oh, that’s tough. 6? Like, circumstances are shit but my MH is the best it’s been in a while.


  1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

….mussells? I know it doesn’t really count!


  1. Starter or dessert?

Dessert, duh!


  1. Is there a dessert you don’t like?

I don’t like chocolate cake or store-bought birthday cakes.


  1. What’s the furthest you’ve been from home?

When I went on holiday to Paris after graduating from uni. Me and my friend went to Disneyland Paris and it was MAGICAL.


Aaaaaaand that’s it! Phew!




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  1. I love posts like this, because they allow you to get to know the blogger a little bit more. Thank you so much for tagging me, I’m going to enjoy answering these questions (although some of them seem quite tough)!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah loved this post beaut, what a wonderful way to get to know you 🙂 Love that you have a passion for PSL like me hehe, and omg I wish I was an MUA too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kirsty Isabella says:

    This is such a cute tag! All of the questions feel really positive, and it’s nice to have some of that in the air for a change! 🙂

    Kirsty x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post, I love tags like this as you get to know the blogger behind the blog .

    Liked by 1 person

  5. aworthytrend says:

    Really great first post to read of yours because I feel like I know you a little better!! Also – Twilight is the best we all know it… 😉

    Lois xx

    Liked by 1 person

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