October Favourites

I’ve been sat here staring at my screen for a while now, racking my brains to think of what new products I used last month and I can only think of one – my beautiful Morphe palette – which is so very unlike me. However, having checked my bank balance this morning, I can say that it’s never been as healthy at this point in the month for a long time (I get paid in the middle of the month, which is actually pretty useful). So bear with me, as this post is more of a lifestyle post than my usual beauty one, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it! I’ve had a month of being here, there and everywhere as well, which has probably contributed to my lack of spending. In the last 30 days I’ve seen Cardiff, Manchester, York, Bournemouth and Cheltenham – all for longer than 3 days each. I’m not sure that all the travelling helped my mental health much, as I was in a bad way mid-October, but I’m feeling really super content and cosy these last few days back in Cardiff and I’m hoping that feeling continues. That said, I’m still nervous of all the changes next year is going to bring, and how I’m going to deal with them. Right now, however, I’m cautiously positive that things will be ok. Onwards and upwards! And, finally, on to this post…!


Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette (£37, Beauty Bay)

Last payday, I made a snap spontaneous decision to  buy this palette off Beauty Bay when it was in stock and only £37 (for some reason I thought it was super expensive). It arrived in about 2 days via courier which kinda annoyed me actually, as it’s not like I can wait in for a delivery having a full-time job? I think a Royal Mail option would be useful as then I could collect it from the depot if I wasn’t there to accept delivery. But, anyway, onto the palette itself. It. Is. Beautiful. I have never known eyeshadow so good. It blends like a dream, no other eyeshadows come close. The shades glide like butter onto your brush with absolutely zero fall-out and blend onto your eyelid like a technicolour second skin. Excuse the hyperbole, but it really is just that amazing. I’ve never bought anything from Morphe before this, but now I need all of their palettes. Pronto. The Jaclyn Hill one spoke to me because I specifically liked the bright turquoise in the corner, and I can confirm that this shade is like a shimmery peacock dream. The nudes are gorgeously flattering  and the red/orange shades are perfect for autumn. This palette has it all. If you’re debating about buying it, do it. You need this in your life.


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (£42, Debenhams)

Ooh, it’s a palette-y post today! This isn’t a new product, I’ve had it since it first came out, but I don’t think I’ve ever given it a full and fair review on here. When Naked Heat first came out, I heard a ton of bad reviews about it, which I think coloured my opinion more than it should have. With that in mind, it must be said that this palette does not blend well with itself, all the shades are too similar and you end up looking as if you’ve only used one shade anyway. However, I quickly discovered that this is a reason to love this palette, not hate it. If I’m running late to meet someone, but I wanna do a real quick eyeshadow look, boom, pat the shade Sauced all over my lid and I’m good to go. Perhaps I’m after something a bit stronger but still subtle? The shade Ember looks like you’ve created the perfect autumnal smoky eye, with absolutely minimal effort. The shades in Naked Heat are all warm-toned, which works well for my pale skin as it makes it look a little more alive. Th lighter shades towards the left of the palette are my fave, but the darker shades are also super pretty. If you’re a super-fussy MUA who loves using multiple brushes for eye looks every-day, this palette might annoy you. But if you’re like me and are grateful for anything that saves you time, this palette is your friend.


Benefit Brow Wax (£14.50, Benefit Brow Bar)

I’ve been going to Benefit Brow Bars for about a year now to get my eyebrows waxed once I realised that waxing is an awful lot less painful than threading. I was lucky in that the first Benefit Brow Technician to touch my eyebrows was the gorgeous Infinity at Debenhams in Bournemouth (if you’re anywhere near that area, you need her to do your brows. Seriously, she’s like a brow-goddess). The appointments only take about 10 minutes and you’re left with absolutely perfectly shaped brows. If it’s your first time, she maps out with an eyebrow pencil what she’s going to do beforehand, so you really feel like you’re being listened to. Since moving away, I’ve had mixed experiences at my local Debenhams Benefit brow counter, with the last girl making my left eyebrow weirdly thinner than the right-hand one. With other places, I feel like the beautician does your eyebrows how they think they need to be done, which is just plain annoying. But, earlier this month I was back in Bournemouth, and of course I HAD to book in with Infinity for a brow wax and I’m so glad I did. It’s now over a week later and every day since then I’ve had absolutely perfect brows with a killer arch, just the way I like them. It honestly might be worth the train-fare back home once a month just to book in with her…!


Cheltenham Literary Festival

Probably the most exciting part of my October was being requested by my old boss to work at Cheltenham Literary Festival for 10 days. It was that absolute perfect dream of your work feeling like a hobby, I had the best time at work that I have ever had in my life and I miss the people I met dreadfully even now. I’ve already written two blog posts about my time at Cheltenham though (you can find them here and here) so I won’t bore you with all the details again!



Other things I’ve discovered I adore this month are:

  • Manchester – the city is like an artsy hipster dream with gorgeous street-art around every corner. Also, the amount of independent gimmicky cafes is just inspirational.


  • Turmeric tea – Pukka do a turmeric blend teabag which you have without milk and it tastes really nice, which surprised me. Turmeric is super good for your digestion and joints too, so I figure it’s not a bad thing to like.


  • Pumpkin spice lattes – I know, I know, the season is over. But I probably had at least one pumpkin spice latte every single day in October. I also have one today, as I’m writing this. Sadly, tragically, all coffee shops are starting to run out though, with the Starbucks on my local high street the first to give me the bad news yesterday. Can it be October 2018 already?!



And that’s it! Thanks for reading – what were your October favourites? Recommend me beauty products to binge on! :p (or maybe don’t, I’ll thank you one day!)

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