Book Wishlist!

We all know I have a book problem. I went to Manchester for the weekend, read one book and bought one more. I went to Cheltenham for a week, took one book with me (which I didn’t read) and brought 6 books back with me (also none of which I have read yet). I buy more books than I could ever read, my bookcase currently has two full shelves that go two layers deep on unread books. My bedroom floor holds about another 12 unread books (and 2 books I am reading currently) But that doesn’t mean in the slightest that I always own every book I want, which makes life very frustrating when it comes to Christmas and my birthday time. People just assume that I just buy whatever books I want and it’s better for me to buy them because I get my work discount.

So, without further ado, here is a list of books I am very much interested in but may not ever buy due to the ever-present fear of eventually being avalanched by books and trapped forevermore inside my flat:


There’s Someone Inside Your House – Stephanie Perkins


I LOVE a good YA book and I haven’t found a good one to sink my teeth into for ages. This looks interesting as it’s sort of spooky, with the main plot centring around a series of brutal murders in a small town. Perfect for Halloween, I think.


I Am Missing – Tim Weaver


This past week, I’ve had a bit of a love-in with commercial psychological thriller books, but I’ve yet to read one written by a man. This book opens by introducing a man who wakes up having absolutely no idea who he is or how he got where he is. True, it sounds like a tired cliché, but it could also have a myriad of plot twists to keep me guessing right up to the end.


.Songs of a Dead Dreamer & Grimscribe – Thomas Ligotti


I really really really wanted to read this for Blogtober, but, as you can probably already tell, I’ve failed woefully on that account. I’ve still got around 4 horror books to read that I DID buy and Halloween is in 3 days! He is one of only a few living authors to have their works published in the Penguin Classics series, which says all you need to know really! That, and the fact that he suffers a rare physical condition wherein he cannot experience pleasure, which, unsurprisingly, makes his stories even more intense and gothic.


 Dreams From My Father – Barack Obama


I miss Obama. Who doesn’t? If you don’t, I probably don’t like you. A couple of my friends have read this and really enjoyed it so it deserves a place on this list for sure.


 Turtles All The Way Down – John Green


I’ve read every other book John Green has written so I may as well keep going! Controversially, I hated The Fault In Our Stars, my favourite is actually Paper Towns (and yes, they butchered it with the movie). The blurb doesn’t give too much away for this one: it’s about a girl who has OCD and it looks extremely likely to be a bildungsroman. And yes, the title is a reference to Terry Pratchett.


Bridget Jones Diary – Helen Fielding


I’ve never been good with chick lit, as I find I can’t fall into the story the way I can with other genres. My own mind and circumstance is always very much present, which annoys me as I’m one of those people who reads to become engrossed and forget reality. The only chick-lit I can comfortably read is Sophie Kinsella and I have no idea why. That said, a colleague at work recommended this to me the other day, which has never happened with this genre before. Also, it’s a bonafide classic, right?


On The Other Side – Carrie Hope Fletcher


Following on in the same category is this one! I recently finished Carrie’s latest book, All That She Can See, and whilst it didn’t amaze me, it was readable and fun enough. Like a super sugary dessert that doesn’t fill you up and leaves you a little bloated but tastes amazing at those first two bites. Having met Carrie at work during an event, I can confirm that she is the loveliest creature and part of me simply wants to buy her book to make her happy.


How Not To Be A Boy – Robert Webb


As much as I’ve never taken ANY notice of Robert Webb until this book came out (I immensely dislike Peep Show and That Mitchell & Webb Look), this book has such incredible reviews that I sat up and took notice. I’ve leafed through a couple of chapters here and there, and boy, can that man write! It’s funny, of course, but honest and engaging too. It’s not often somebody writing about themselves can do so without bias – Webb has held a mirror up to himself and written about exactly what is there. He should be applauded for both his talent and bravery in a world of superficial dissembling.


The Last Tudor – Philippa Gregory


Meeting Philippa disappointed me greatly, but I’ve always loved her books and I definitely will buy this at some point as I own most of the others she’s written. It’s yet another Tudor story, set during the extremely short reign of Lady Jane Grey and told from the viewpoint of 3 different characters. Familiar territory perhaps, but she does it so well.


Revolution – Russell Brand


Another idea put in my head from Cheltenham Festival, I’m afraid. I’ve always had a soft spot for Russell Brand (and yes, that just means I fancy him) but listening to him speak about addiction and life and civilisation during a recent show really resonated with me. Yes, he’s eccentric and none of his ideas for the world could EVER be applied, but he knows that as well as the next person, which is why he’d never go into politics. I didn’t buy this book as I was told that Russell wasn’t doing signings after the show and was gutted when I found out after that he had!



And that’s all I can think of for now! I’m currently reading The Sunshine Cruise Club by John Niven and it’s absolutely wonderful. Imagine Irvine Welsh and Russell Brand created a book child, and you’d be fairly close to John Niven. Two 60-year-old women who are extremely down on their luck decide to rob a bank with the help of an 87-year-old ex-bank-robber called Nails and a 96-year-old woman with a vociferous appetite for young men. What could possibly go wrong? Lots. It might be time for a visit to the ‘bum-palace’ for Susan and Julie (that’s ‘prison’ to us law-abiding folk).


Thanks for reading! See you soon. P. 🙂

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