#13 – LUSH Seasonal Products Mini Haul & First Impressions

I told myself that I was going to be restrained when it came to Lush Christmas/Hallowe’en products this year…but we all know I was never likely to stick to that! Their seasonal range has been out since the 6th October in stores, and less than a week later I have a pretty good haul going on already! I will most likely buy a lot more of the new products at the end of the month so stay tuned for a part 2 on here in November sometime! But for now, here’s my first impressions and mini reviews of the things I’ve bought so far.


Golden Pear Soap (£6.50)

This was a purchase I made whilst away in Cheltenham for work after I discovered the hotel soap I’d been given was not going to be a friend to my eczema. I don’t usually like pears but knew this would be the most moisturising Lush soap in the new seasonal range as it has a thick layer of murumuru butter in the middle. I actually really love this soap. It doesn’t hurt my skin upon contact (which is no mean feat) and is so glittery and sparkly, the water will sparkle like liquid gold as you rinse your hands! It’s a nice fruity smell, that doesn’t overly smell pear-y (which I’m grateful for) and lathers well. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting a piece cut for you in-store, as they all come as singular pear portions. Winner.


Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap (£5.95)

I love Snow Fairy against my better nature, and I was extra intrigued to try this as I’ve never tried a Lush cold-pressed soap before. This soap hurts my hands on contact – which is not overly surprising, as there’s hardly a single non-chemical ingredient in it. But it smells SO GOOD and so I’m willing to overlook it’s failures. I was warned by some reviews that cold-pressed soaps don’t lather as well as the normal range, but I actually found that this particular soap lathered almost double the amount! If you have sensitive skin, and aren’t a Snow Fairy fiend like me, you might want to give this one a miss – your hands will thank you for your sensibility.


Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel (£11.95)

There’s been a lot of new seasonal shower products this year, all of which come with the option of bottled or ‘naked’ options. I’ve yet to try a ‘naked ‘shower gel, but I’ll be sure to do a review on here soon as I’m sure I’ll buy one with my October pay! Berry Berry is a gorgeous sparkly turquoise colour that is chock-a-block full of glittery shimmery particles – it’s so pretty! It smells super fruity and contains cranberry, blueberry and orange oils/juices so it smells fresh and sweet all at once.



Once Upon A Time Body Lotion (£8.95)

A solid Lush Christmas favourite, the So White bath bomb has failed to make an appearance this year, but this product, in the same scent family,  has taken its place. The basic smell of this is apples. The smell of this lotion however is a little more complex than the Snow White bath bomb, as it also smells sort of minty/herby despite having no ingredients to support this, maybe I’m going scent-blind at this point! As a lotion, it glides on and sinks into the skin well. This product comes in a ‘naked’ format as well, which is like a bigger massage bar that melts onto the skin easier. I bought the pot version as I needed to be able to take it home easily in a suitcase! I’m not too sure if I like the smell overly, but it’s a good product to try for a change!


Monsters Ball Bath Bomb (£4.50)

I haven’t yet tried this product, so we’re going on first impressions only here, but it’s just so cute! The eye in the middle is a bath melt which will make my skin super-soft. The bath bomb smells amazing, even through the packaging – all fruity and almost like a dessert! It contains lime oil and neroli oil, so is actually supposed to be citrusy and floral, which is not actually how it smells at all! I would’ve expected some blueberry/blackberry essence, perhaps.


Twilight Sparkle Jar (£6.95)

I bought this because Twilight is my absolute all-time favourite Lush scent, but I can see myself buying the Snow Fairy equivalent too fairly soon! Sparkle jars are a brand-new product for Lush and they’re definitely geared towards kiddies for Christmas. They work like a massage bar, in that you warm it between your palms to melt it slightly and then rub over your skin to moisturise it. As a gimmick, if you shake it upside down over your skin, glitter comes out which you can then also rub into your skin. I can’t see myself wanting to use the glitter all that much, but anything that can make me smell more Twilight-y is a good product in my opinion!


And that’s it for now! I’ll let you know which products I buy next month – I’m most likely going to do a Lush Hallowe’en specific haul sometime in the next fortnight as I desperately want to try the Ectoplasm jelly bath bomb!

Thanks for reading and I shall see you tomorrow! Almost halfway through Blogtober, WOO! P.


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