BLOGTOBER #10: My High-End Make-Up Collection

A completely unrelated point to this blog-post, but I’m currently working at Cheltenham Literary Festival for the week (incredibly spontaneously, only having been asked about it yesterday!) and I may have to skip a few days of Blogtober as I’m likely to be working 15hr+ shifts every day whilst I’m here. I’m trying to schedule as much as possible before I go and I will be taking my laptop with me, in case I do manage to find an hour or so to write a quick post, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m not just simply being lazy or dropping the ball if I don’t post every day this week. Normal Blogtober service will resume on Monday the 16th October when I’m home again, but my priority needs to be work for the next few days.


Aaaaand, on with the show! Today, I’m going to be talking about the luxury, or ‘high-end’ branded make-up that I own, after being inspired by a similar post by another blogger. It’s only recently that I’ve started forking out on expensive brands, having always got by with Boots general make-up previously for the last decade or so. I am finding, however, that the bigger brands tend to be much better quality (duh!) and good value for money, although not always!




I only own two products from Illamasqua and I’ve never actually worn them out the house! That’s because they’re not quite your average everyday make-up product – I have a bright blue eye/lip liner in shade Debonair and a lipstick in shade Apocalips which is a deep turquoise. I bought them to wear together even though they’re different shades, but figured it’d be better to use something from the same brand rather than shop around for a cheap turquoise-green eyeliner pencil to use as a lip liner. The lipstick is a beautiful buttery consistency and the liner glides on effortlessly – I definitely need to invest in more from Illasmasqua!



The only thing I own from MAC is, again, lipsticks and lip liners, although I have always wanted to branch out and try more of their products – give me some suggestions in the comments!! I absolutely LOVE MAC lipsticks, they never budge and the colour pay-off is intense. My favourite is Heroine which is a lovely mauve-y purple colour, and the liner that matches. I also have an incredibly deep purple called Matte Royal that I pair with a liner called Cyberworld (which also doubles up as a liner for brown and dark red shades) and a lip-gloss in She-Rebel although I don’t always wear the gloss as I much prefer a matte finish. I also have a nude lip-liner in Stripdown which I use ALL the time to make cheaper lipsticks have a lot more longevity. I also have a top-coat in Bronze Shimmer which I like to wear either by itself or over a nude pale colour. MAC lipsticks are fairly pricey at around £20 each but they do tend to last and there’s a much wider variety of shades than most (perhaps any) other concession around.


Kat von D

This is my current obsession as a new stand has just opened up in my local Debenhams! Every pay-day, I go here and spend a hearty chunk of my wages, my most recent purchase being the limited-edition Shade & Light Glimmer palette  which is incredible. I’ve also tried their Lock-It Concealer which is good coverage, although the tube only lasted me a month and I’m finding the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer is actually a fuller coverage. I also use their Lock-It loose powder, Ink Liner eyeliner and have 2 of their Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in shades of red-  Sante Sangria and Nosferatu. They last very well through food and are amazing colours – Nosferatu is the most amazing vampy red colour I’ve ever come across! Kat von D is priced reasonably and their products are high quality – I’d recommend this brand to anybody!


Kylie Cosmetics

I own one Kylie Lip Kit in the shade 22 and one eyeshadow palette which is the Holiday Edition from last year. My Kylie Lip Kit is my absolute favourite item of make-up that I own and the eyeshadow palette is perhaps my least favourite, so it’s really split my opinion down the middle! These were my Christmas present from my parents last year and alongside the shipping costs, there was an extra £20 customs fee when they arrived, so this is an expensive brand to buy from if you live in the UK, do beware! The lip kit by itself is $29 and the Kyshadow palette was around $40 (plus $15 international shipping and the customs charge) which all adds up. That lip kit though will be the best lipstick you’ve ever owned in your life. It will not budge. Ever. It will not flake at the corners and it will last through an eight-course Christmas dinner (I tried it). The palette, unfortunately, is another story. All the colours in the holiday palette are far too dark and they just don’t blend, which means your eyes end up looking mud-coloured. Perhaps if you’re one for a dark, smoky eye, this might be the one for you, but I think I’d stick to light-coloured Kyshadow palettes in future.


Urban Decay

I use Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation and Naked Skin concealer every day and I can’t fault them. They’re excellent coverage and fairly reasonably priced at £27 for the foundation and £15 for the concealer. They offer incredibly full coverage and don’t tend to budge unless put on overly dry skin (which can be combatted with the right skincare routine anyway). I also own their Electric and Naked Heat eyeshadow palettes and I love them both. They have really strong pigmentation and blend flawlessly. A lot of people criticise the free brushes that come with the palettes, but I think they’re fine for everyday, simple looks. I also own their fixing spray, which also seems very good although perhaps on about the same level as NYX’s matte finish fixing spray. Urban Decay is definitely one of my favourite brands.


Benefit Cosmetics

I hesitated whether to include Benefit in this post, but as their Porefessional primer costs a whopping £26, I think it does belong in the ‘luxury’ category. I own and use a lot of Benefit products daily, such as Porefessional, Precisely My Brow Pencil and Hoola bronzer – those last two are staples in my make-up bag that I simply couldn’t do without! I’m not overly keen on Porefessional and am probably going to go back to cheap Boots primers as I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference with my skin since switching over. I think Benefit are perhaps a little too over-priced for their products – apart from their brow products, which are probably the best that are readily available in the UK market.


Charlotte Tilbury

I got swept up in the hype of this product and bought the Pillow Talk lipstick and matching lip liner, and boy, I was not disappointed! Pillow Talk is the most gorgeously flattering nude pink shade that seems to be universally flattering on all skin tones as far as I can tell! It glides on and makes you look instantly more put-together, but in a subtle way. Its staying power isn’t up to much, but this is more an everyday lipstick than one you’d wear out to a meal anyhow. The lip liner perfectly complements the lipstick and is supposed to be used to overdraw lips slightly to make them fuller (although I’ve never managed to do that successfully without looking like a drag queen myself!)


And, on that note…that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall see you tomorrow! P


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