BLOGTOBER #8: Lord of Misrule LUSH Shower Cream Review

I can’t wait to get my hands on Lush’s new seasonal products when they’re released in my local Lush store next week, so I thought I’d do a review of a product I’ve still got left over from last year’s Christmas haul. I’m one of those mad ‘lushies’ that stockpiles Lush seasonal products so we never run out of them all year round. All this year, I’ve had a steady stash of Rose Jam, Snow Fairy, Twilight and, today’s special, Lord of Misrule shower gel. Call me crazy, but I can’t imagine what I’d do without my Twilight shower gel every night!


But on with today’s special: the first thing you notice about Lord of Misrule is its striking colour, that bright, acidic green. It’s one of those products that tends to bridge the Halloween/Christmas product lines, with people never really knowing which one it’s meant for. I think it’s supposed to be more Halloween-y, with that slime-fluorescent colour! Strictly speaking, Lord of Misrule is a shower cream not a gel, which just means it has a much thicker consistency. It does take a while to lather too, and I find you have to use more of a cream to get the right amount of lather than you do a shower gel. Looking at the ingredients, I’m not quite sure which one gives Lord of Misrule its thicker quality, but it isn’t like this product was ever going to have particularly natural ingredients. I read the ingredients of Snow Fairy shower gel this morning and there wasn’t a single word I recognised in there, although I’m not sure why that surprised me so much!


Lord of Misrule fares better on that account, having the natural scents from patchouli oil, black peppercorn oil and vanilla in its midst. The result is a scent which is earthy, and yet spicy. I’m not usually one for earthy scents, but I am a big fan of patchouli, which is the main scent in this shower cream. If you like Lush’s Karma perfume then I would imagine you’d also like this product. That said, it is a strong scent and it’s not one I would perhaps want to use every day.


Lord of Misrule lasts a long time, I’ve been nursing the same bottle since January last year, and as it’s self-preserving it isn’t going out of date until November. Another incredibly fun thing about this product is that the lather itself comes up as the same colour as the product! This is something I wish Lush would do with other shower products – wouldn’t it be wonderful if Snow Fairy came up in a candyfloss pink lather?!


Lord of Misrule doesn’t quite have a scent family within Lush as most other products do. There is a body scrub called The Rough With The Smooth that mixes both patchouli and black peppercorn together, although no other products use this scent combination, perhaps because of quite how potent it is!


It’s kind to the skin due to its thicker consistency and despite the synthetic ingredients. My skin is incredibly sensitive, as you all most probably know by now, and I’ve never come out in the slightest rash from using this product. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use.


So my conclusion is that, although I like Lord of Misrule, it is a little too strong a scent for me and perhaps a little too synthetic to fully make it’s way into my daily shower routine. It is fun to use on occasion though, and definitely one I will be turning to more in the run-up to Halloween.

And that’s it for today, folks! What do you think of Lord of Misrule? Are you excited for the Lush Halloween and Christmas range too? I know I am! See you tomorrow, P.


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