BLOGTOBER #5: September Favourites

I’m not actually sure if I’ve ever done a favourites post on my blog…but it seems I’m not allowed to call myself a proper blogger until I have! Other people’s monthly favourite posts are one of my favourite kinds of blogs to read, I read palegirlrambling’s one just this morning! (link to her blog here). I tried to include a mixture of things in this post so it’s not just beauty so there’s home-ware, skin-care and make-up too. Let me know what you think and if I should continue doing these on a monthly basis!


PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES (between £3-5, all good coffee shops (?!))

 As I’m writing this, I’m drinking a pumpkin spice latte…this is how obsessed I am. I started the autumn season far too early in general, I did my Halloween home-ware shopping on the 30th September, just to give you an idea. Since about a week ago, I think I’ve had one pumpkin spice latte a day! As my anti-depressants have removed absolutely all of my caffeine and alcohol tolerance (an americano gives me a panic attack and half a bottle of wine has me sobbing uncontrollably – I found each out the hard way), I’ve found that lattes are a good way of starting to ease my caffeine tolerance back up again, as they’re basically all milk. The only lattes that I like, however are pumpkin spice ones! For reference, Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes are shockingly tasteless and milky, Coffee #1 do the best ones and Café W in Waterstones clocks in at a pretty solid second (not biased, I swear!)


Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Range (between £4-£15, The Body Shop)

If you’ve read my Body Shop Haul & Review post then you already know how much I love this range. And yes, I bought it in September. I use the shower gel and hand cream every day, and the body butter perhaps every other day when I have time. It doesn’t smell much like pumpkin, and more like vanilla and perhaps pumpkin cake (if you’re after a proper pumpkin scent, try Lush’s Pumpkin bath bomb, I can’t use it as it smells to me like I’m bathing in soup). The shower gel is an extremely thick consistency but you only need a little bit to create a lot of lather. Whilst the biscuit-y magnolia colour is a little off-putting for a shower gel, don’t let it put you off as the smell is divine.


Kat Von D Shade & Light Glimmer Palette (£37, Debenhams)

I admit that I was at first sceptical if I’d ever use this product, or if I was only buying it for the hype. I love the new Kat von D stand in my local Debenhams, it’s new and exciting and all the staff are absolute babes, but I’m slowly gravitating away from their products and preferring Urban Decay ones recently. So I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love the shades in this and how wearable they are (much more so than the Naked Heat, is has to be said). The palette has 3 base shades, which are the big pans at the top, then there’s 3 really light shades to be used as finishing shades to pat on top which are my new favourite thing. There’s also a whole host of coppery browns and mellow golds, all of which have extremely strong pigmentation and pretty much no fall-out. I did worry that my eye look would be incredibly strong using this palette, as the colours look like they won’t blend well, but luckily I was wrong. I’ll attach a completely non-edited photo of the first look I created with this palette so you can see how subtle and perfect it is. It’s now pretty much my daily go-to palette. It is a little steep at £37 but I think the amount of different looks you can create with it makes up for the price somewhat.



Lush Charity Pot Hand Cream (£6.95, Lush)

I’m trying to use up the hand creams I have before buying new ones, so this month I’ve stepped away from my trusty Handy Gurugu and am using up a pot of Charity Pot I bought a few months back on a whim. I used to use this cream daily to control my eczema, but I never believed it worked very well. I now believe it simply doesn’t last as long as Handy Gurugu but it’s perfectly good as long as you remember to use it every day. If I forget a day, I do get a hideous eczema breakout with skin cracking in all directions, but that’s not the creams fault. The money raised from the sale of this cream goes to help all kinds of charities and under-funded causes, so it’ll be your good deed for the day if you pick some up! It uses soothing ingredients like olive oil and shea butter as well as the antiseptic and cooling aloe gel and rosewood oil, so it’s perfect for hands that get a little aggy at times.


Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighters (£6.99, Superdrug)

These are like light in a bottle, they’re so amazing. I bought the gold shade in At First Light first which is like soft, shimmering sunlight (it’s a soft gold colour) and it looks so glowy on skin, even when under matte powder. I also own the shade Moon Potion which is a pearlescent white that goes on as a shimmering icy lilac and is perfect for those with pale skin who prefer an icy-toned highlight to a golden one. They glide on with a serum consistency and come with a fully functioning dropper, which makes them so easy to apply. I use two drops per cheek, but those who prefer a subtler look would maybe want to use one to achieve a more natural wattage glow!


Yankee Candle Wax Melt Burner (Burner – £6.99, Wax Melts, £1.79 each – Yankee Candle)

This was perhaps the best decision I made all month! I used to have a wax burner when I lived in York and I loved how good my room always smelt, and how much longer the scents lasted than candles. For anyone who’s never used a wax melt burner before, you pop a little wax melt in the dish on the top (any brand will do, I’m a massive fan of locally sourced ones from little seasonal markets as the scents always smell more authentic) and then you light a plain tealight and place it in the little cave underneath. As the wax melts, it will fill your room with scent which will then linger for around 3-4 days. Each wax melt will last around 2 months if you light it every night for around 5 hours, so they’re incredibly good value. If you want to switch melts, it can be a tricky business though as obviously the dried wax attaches fairly strongly to the ceramic burner. If you light a tealight and let it burn for about 5 minutes and then loosen the wax around the edges with the non-striking end of a match, you should be able to slide the wax off as a whole, which you can then leave to cool down on a plate or heat-resistant mat. I’ve used this method to switch between the scents Pornstar Martini (which is this fantastic passionfruit citrus-y scent ) and spiced orange these past two weeks, depending on how seasonal I feel!


And that’s it for my September favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading this – have you tried using any of these products? Let me know what you thought 🙂 See you tomorrow! P.


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