Blogtober #4 : Astrology – Am I A Proper Taurus?!

Astrology. The mystical and fantastical belief that stars can control our destinies. I must admit, it’s not something I’ve ever paid any attention to, other than occasionally reading my horoscope in magazines. But, one of my blogger gals, Shauna (link to YouTube channel here) is a strong believer in astrology, and because I think Shauna is all kinds of awesome, I’ve decided to give it a proper look into!

So, I’m a Taurus as my birthday is May 2nd, which means I fall dead in the middle of the inclusive dates – end of April to mid-May.


The basic traits usually associated with Taurus are as follows:

  • Reliable.
  • Practical.
  • Stubborn.
  • Possessive.
  • Uncompromising.
  • Ability to see things from a grounded, realistic perspective.
  • Materialistic, focused on money, beauty, hedonism.
  • Sensual/Lover (HA!)
  • Volatile.
  • Independent.
  • Uncreative/Unimaginative.
  • Lucky numbers: multiples of 12.

I tried to get a good mix of good/bad associated traits from different sources here. Some of them are uncanny with how correct they are (my lucky number has always been 12) whereas some are downright laughable (‘sensual’?? This couldn’t be further from the truth!) Most of these sites seem to present Taurus as this incredibly stable, organised and reliable person. I don’t really agree with this version of myself, if I’m honest. Whereas I always follow through on a task or a promise, I’m definitely considered more flighty than stable. Where I can see myself in the Taurus proto-type though, is the negative traits. I am most definitely stubborn and uncompromising – when my mind is made up, I’m most likely never going to change it. My anger takes a lot to appear, but will be over in a short, sharp and loud singular burst. If you’ve massively upset me, I’m more likely to just completely ghost you rather than waste time discussing it.


Taurus is an Earth sign, which supposedly signifies that I see things from a ‘grounded’ perspective, and this I would agree with. I approach things in incredibly logical ways, and usually find it easy to think of realistic solutions to problems.


Now for the super technical stuff. I figured, if I was gonna do this, I needed to do it properly. So I reached out to Shauna on Twitter, asking how to draw an Astrological Chart. Astrological charts look hella complicated to the naked eye and I had no idea where to start with one! Shauna very kindly agreed to make one for me and so mine looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 17.57.18

Cool, huh?

She also sent me a bunch of information associated with various planets and constellations and I can’t pretend to understand much of it so maybe you guys can help me out a bit here too!


One of the most interesting things I found out is that although my main star sign – my ‘Sun’ sign –  is Taurus, my ‘Moon’ and ‘Ascendant’ signs are, in fact, Virgo, which means that I may have some Virgo personality traits. Looking into Virgo, it does, in fact, sound a bit more like me than the Taurus stereotype. Whilst Virgo’s are still supposed to be grounded, reliable and good with money (heck, no!), they are also hyper-critical of themselves, unsure in large groups of people and ‘stiff when it comes to open, gushy gestures of emotion’. Now this sounds more and more like me by the minute.


The main circle of the astrological birth chart is divided into little segments, as you can see. Each of these segments represents a different part of my personality and they are known as ‘Houses’. Your ‘Ascendant’ sign is your first House as far as I can tell, and then the order goes anti-clockwise around the circle with each house being represented by a different sign.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 17.56.32

House 1 is the one I’m most interested in for this post as it deals with self-identity and personality. The other houses deal with things like money, family and work and they all seem laughably wrong. I’m awful with money and am not great with my family, being unable to spend any length of time in their company without feeling like the black sheep of the herd.


So, House 1 depends on where Mercury is on your chart, and Shauna helpfully pointed out to me that Mercury was in House 9 for me, in Aries. House 9 states simply that it is the house of learning and that I should ‘travel with risk and adventure’. Honestly, I’m not sure what that means. If anybody does know, please tell me in the comments!


Other aspects of having Virgo as your Ascendant sign are that people with this sign need time to analyse things before they warm up to people, which often comes across as aloof and cold to people who do not know them. They also have a tendency to worry and are attracted to people with issues. Apparently, they also have ‘an intelligent and reserved’ aura. They are also sensitive to body awareness and food.


I’m not too sure about those last few sentences, but, otherwise, that last paragraph could pretty much be my biography. I’m quick to pick holes in other people’s ideas but in my head I’m just checking all angles. I take a very long time to warm up to people and would rather avoid contact if at all possible. Just tonight I’ve cried off going to Krav Maga as it’s going to be full of new people who I’d have to pretend to be nice to and then perpetually worry if they liked me or not.  I’d then spend most of the rest of the night worrying about whether these new people judged me for how I looked.


This whole post has been SO interesting and exciting to research, and I’m SO grateful to Shauna for helping me so much, she’s an absolute angel and you should all go sub to her YouTube channel (if nothing else, her beauty is something out of this world). I think I do believe more in astrology than I did before doing this post, and I think I may read the Virgo section of the horoscopes from now on instead! I think that I am going to look more into astrology from now on, and maybe try to read my own horoscope one day.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it! See you tomorrow, P. 😊

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