BLOGTOBER DAY#3 – Body Shop Haul & Reviews

I’ve only just noticed how much stuff I’ve bought from the Body Shop in the past month and realised it was the perfect opportunity to write a little haul post on the blog! I’ve bought all types of products from cleansers to makeup to hand cream amongst others so this post might seem a little more disorganised than usual. I’ve been a big fan of The Body Shop for a couple of years now as I rarely come out in a rash from using their products. Sometimes, of course, there are products that cause irritation or dryness, but I’ve never had a full blown reaction from using something from The Body Shop (& I can’t say the same about Lush – I’m looking at you, Snow Fairy!).


The first thing I bought was their cheek and lip tint in the shade Pomegranate. I’ve used Body Shop crème blushers for around a year now, but it started to annoy me how the product glump-ed together after a couple of months or so, which then lead to pilling if I didn’t use the right primer. I usually use peach-y/orange toned blushers, but there wasn’t one like this in the range of tints, only varying shades of red and pink. The red shades were called pomegranate and cherry respectively and my logic was that pomegranates are less red than cherries!  I’ve been using this blusher for a few weeks now, and I do really like it. One drop on either cheek is more than enough to give a strong burst of colour to the cheeks. My only criticism would be that it’s almost too strong a colour, as since I’ve been using this I’ve noticed that my contour and bronzer appear much warmer in tone, which can end up looking plain stupid when you’re as pale as I am. I started using the blusher tint a little more sparingly and never blended it past where my pupil is parallel to on my cheekbones. This seems to help so far. I’m debating going back and buying one of the more ‘pink’ shades to see if they’re any weaker in tone, but I reckon they’d be much the same honestly. I’ve never been one for subtle makeup but if you’re pale, and don’t like a strong contour/blush/highlight on the daily, these tint drops are probably not going to be your best friend, although I’d still recommend them for an innocuous fling.


I’ve been having quite a few spots lately, and my usual Lush routine wasn’t seeming to cut it. I used quite creamy cleansers (Lush’s Ultrabland and 9-5) as my skin is usually more dry than oily and I rarely come out in spots. Rather than changing my make-up removal routine, I decided to buy some new spot-targeting products from The Body Shop, as I’d heard good things about their chamomile and seaweed ranges. I picked up two products from their Tea Tree range and they have done absolute WONDERS for my skin. I got the Tea Tree Toner and Tea Tree Clay Mask. The toner I use every night after removing my makeup and applying Lush’s Full Of Grace serum bar (which also combats spot pretty well on it’s own). I shake the bottle, daub some toner onto a cotton pad and then pat it over my cheekbones and chin, avoiding my lip and under-eye areas. This toner is strong and it’s not one I’d recommend unless you have problem spots. As soon as the winter weather sets in, I’m going to stop using this toner, as I just know it would dry my skin out something chronic. The clay mask is also incredible. The day that I bought these products, I applied the mask before bed, as I had a really troublesome spot in the middle of my cheek that was so noticeable and annoying. I left the mask on for around 15 minutes and then cleaned it off with cotton pads soaked in warm water. The next morning, this monster of a spot was no more. I still had the mark/redness but my skin was not remotely raised, meaning I could completely cover it with my foundation without the tell-tale bump underneath. The back of the pot recommends not using this mask more than twice a week. I haven’t used it for about a week now, and the toner is still keeping my spots at bay well enough. If you’re having an oily moment, I’d probably recommend using this mask just once a week and the toner every other night.


After I’d picked up the tea tree products, I turned around in the shop only to see the most amazing thing in the world staring back at me. Banana shampoo. Banana. Shampoo. Although I hate bananas in real life, anything banana scented or flavoured or even mixed with real bananas is my favourite thing in the whole world. I have banana scented scratch-and-sniff stickers stuck to pretty much all my stationary, I’m that oddball. You can imagine how excited I was to see this shampoo in the shop! Sadly, after using this shampoo for a while, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype I attributed to it (was it ever likely to, though?) The smell is, don’t get me wrong, amazing. It smells like a mix of actual bananas and those fake foam sweetie bananas you get. If they created a body butter with that scent, I would be in heaven. As a shampoo, though, and being a product that has a purpose, it falls short. It’s supposed to aid dry/damaged hair which should be great news for me, as I’ve bleached and dyed my hair more times than a millipede could count on their milli-fingers. Unfortunately this shampoo is too thick to lather and ends up getting stuck to your roots unless you rinse as thoroughly as you possibly can. In the morning I like a shampoo that lathers quickly, falls out the hair and leaves it hydrated enough that I don’t have to follow it with conditioner every day, in order to save time. Whilst this banana shampoo is moisture-rich enough to definitely not also need conditioner, I’m finding that I absolutely have to follow it with conditioner to ensure I’ve rinsed it all out. You also need a really large dollop to get an even lather across all your hair, but as it’s so thick and viscous, it really should be the kind of product you only need a tiny amount of. The smell is the saving grace of this shampoo, if I’m honest. The smell is so nice that I’m still using it, just not every day. I use this shampoo first, and then follow it with a citrus-based shampoo that is designed to cut out excess grease and oil. I will then use conditioner to re-hydrate my hair a little and ensure everything is washed out. Sadly, I’m not sure I’ll be buying this again once this bottle runs out.


And finally, the big finale, the biggest winner of all…..AUTUMN SEASONAL PRODUCTS!!! Yesterday, I walked into the Body Shop to have a whiff of their new Vanilla Pumpkin range and it smelt so good I bought the shower gel, body butter and hand-cream. One day later, I’m strongly debating going back and buying the scent bottle too. This. Smells. Incredible. Like pumpkin spice lattes and cakes and syrupy hot drinks and warmth and happiness and all things good in the world. The hand cream is good quality, despite being so heavily scented as has not yet caused any adverse reaction with my hands, which is perhaps the thing I was most worried I’d react to. It’s thick and moisturising and contains shea butter and almond oil which help to soften skin. I’m not going to stop using my Lush Charity Pot as my main moisturiser just yet, but this one is the perfect little hand-bag sized tube. It’s too heavily scented to be of any relief to eczema-ridden hands in distress, but it will add a little pop of moisture when I need it. The shower gel lathers up well and has just as lovely a scent. There is honestly no better feeling than showering in the scent of cake and pumpkin in the morning. If you layer the scents by applying the body butter after your shower, the scent seems to last fairly well. As I’m writing this, it’s been just over three hours since I got ready this morning, and I still smell of vanilla-y pumpkins. You need these products in your life. I can see myself stocking up on them to get me through the rest of the 2018! New favourite products, for sure!


Phew, what a rollercoaster ride! I ended this post on a positive note as I don’t like being a Debbie Downer about things generally. None of these products were bad, per se, I’m still going to use them all until they run out, I just might not be re-purchasing them in the bulk the same way as I will the Vanilla Pumpkin range(!). The Body Shop continues to be one of my favourite brands and I respect them for being ethical and cruelty-free. Beauty products, like all things in life are trial-and-error and just because something smells or looks nice, does not mean it will be kind to you. Ooh, look at me, ending a beauty review post on a moral! See you next time! P.


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  1. I really want to try some more thing from The Body Shop! It’s a shame you werent the biggest fan of some of the products! 😦 x


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