BLOGTOBER #2: What Apps Do I Have on My Phone?

As part of Blogtober, I’m doing a ‘What’s in My Bag?’ post, but I thought I’d take one step further into the digital age and do one on the apps on my phone as well. I’d say apps are actually a more reliable clue about a person than what they have in their bag, as I tend to just chuck a load of rubbish in my handbag half the time!

Shameless plug…(!)







So, these are the obvious ones that I doubt you’ll find many millennials without! Twitter and Instagram I use purely for blogging, I don’t have ‘personal’ accounts, but I do still connect with colleagues and non-blogging friends on Twitter. These days I rarely use Facebook – I haven’t posted a status since the outcome of the general election, and the last time before that was probably after the American election the year before. I do rely on messenger to talk to quite a few of my friends though. Me and my housemate don’t actually have each other’s mobile numbers, we communicate solely through Facebook Messenger. I find this a little odd, if I’m honest, but perhaps I’m old-fashioned for wanting to be able to contact somebody without using the internet!





Instagram Layout



Of these, WordPress is probably the only one I use with any frequency and reliability. Instagram layout is useful for when I want to put ‘before and after’ posts on my Instagram, but I don’t use it much beyond that. Crowdfire and Influenster I don’t particularly like and am considering just deleting. The premise of Influenster intrigues me, & I must admit that I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that I receive next month’s VoxBox, but I find the surveys incredibly geared towards American consumers and markets. Crowdfire is useful to keep a tab on your followers and unfollowers, but I’m running the free version which only lets you view around twelve at a time. Basically, I need new blogging apps. Please tell me which ones you use!

Yes, my background is a Kookaburra.


Weird and Wonderful and Random

BBC News

Every morning when I wake up, I like to look at BBC News’s 10 most popular stories on the app, it’s a quick snapshot that helps me still feel connected to the news, despite not having the time to read a paper or watch the news most days.



I love Buzzfeed. Who doesn’t? Perfect to while away the time whilst waiting for a train.

If a screenshot could be me, this one would be me.


National Rail


Again, fairly self-explanatory. National Rail in particular is useful for keeping abreast of delays, whereabouts your train is and even which platform it’ll be coming in on. I only keep thetrainline to check for cheaper train tickets.


EE – this needs no explanation!


Amazon Kindle

I try really hard never to buy anything off of Amazon, and I don’t own a Kindle on principle (remember, I work at Waterstones!) But, I must admit – shock horror – that I have the Amazon Kindle app on my phone and my iPad. Some of the best books I’ve ever read are actually on my Kindle account and it pains me that I don’t own a physical copy of them! (Maybe I should do a blog post on those books sometime?!) My current Kindle read that I will read when on a train journey or waiting for a friend to meet me is IT by Stephen King. At over 1100 pages long, it’s never been the most portable of books, even to me who thinks nothing of taking a hardback book with me when I go shopping ‘just in case’ a reading opportunity arises. (Reading opportunities: when your friend goes to the loo, when you’ve gone to find a table & you’re waiting for them to find you, when your friend is trying stuff on but you’re already done). At this moment in time, I’m 87 pages into IT and it’s already pretty scary.




I like food more than I should and Yo Sushi takeaway from Deliveroo once every 10 days is my guilty pleasure. UberEATS I’ve only used once, to order a McDonald’s breakfast the morning after a night out. It was amazing and I regret nothing.


Uber – again, this should need no explanation!



It really shouldn’t come as any surprise that I have the Lush app on my phone. I love Lush. More than anything. The app is a really good way to browse products and to quickly look up details about products.


I definitely don’t make the most of Spotify, which is a shame as I’ve only had it a few months and my subscription’s just gone up from 99p a month to £9.99 a month! I’ve just been creating one playlist per month of around 25 songs and then just playing that playlist when I walk anywhere. I do tend to get intensely bored of the playlist by around midway through the month, so I need to branch out more for sure! Last month I discovered Halsey though, which can only be a good thing.


Rain Rain

I find the sound of running water one of the most relaxing sounds in the world. I used to sit in my ex boyfriend’s conservatory during rainstorms and almost go into a trance. Likewise, if any attractions have indoor waterfalls, I will stand there and listen to/stare at them for close to 30 minutes. I’ve tried a couple of ‘rain’ sounds apps and this one is by far the best, with the most choice and nicest sounds. There are also options for wind, bird calls and another of my personal favourites, a crackling fire. On nights that I’m struggling to sleep, I’ll set a sound to play for 45 minutes, and I’m usually always asleep by the time it finishes.



An incredibly annoying feature with Android phones is their lack of a notes app. Keep is a brilliant solution to this You can make lists and generic notes, as well as doodles and photos. I tend to write my daily to-do lists and blog post ideas on Keep to transfer to OneNote on my laptop later.



Why is this still on my phone??? I NEED to delete this. I tried to use it a few weeks ago, went on one date/meetup/thing which was a bit weird and haven’t touched the app since. I thought I better include it in this post in the name of honesty though!



So I’m learning Russian on Duolingo and it’s so FUN! Learning Russian is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve flirted with the idea of learning it since I was around 16. Duolingo is incredibly easy to use, and takes you forward in simple, slow steps, so you don’t feel out of your depth. I already want to start learning another language with it, but I know my brain won’t be able to cope! I was always rubbish at French at school, so presumed I was awful at languages. Actually, with my good memory and perfectionist nature, I suspect it was the French I disliked more than languages in general.


Benefit Wow Brows

This is an app powered by Benefit waxing bars, which is where I’ve always gone to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted. I tend to go around once a month – although I’m going to leave it longer this month as the therapist almost took off all of my left eyebrow last time and I really need it to grow back in! With Wow Brows, you select your brow bar, then the day you want and they let you choose which brow therapist you want or you can select ‘No Preference’ if you don’t care. They’ll then offer you a choice of times. I’ve found it works really well and is a lot easier for me than remembering to swing by after work to make an appointment for a week’s time.



And that is it! Phew! Another long one, I do apologise! Do hit me with suggestions for your favourite apps on your phones, I probably could do with a few more! See you tomorrow! P. 😊


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