UPDATE: Favourite Make-Up Products

I came across an old version of this post from back in March when I first started this blog and I actually don’t use almost half of the products I mentioned anymore, so I figured it might be time for a re-write! Since starting this blog, I wouldn’t say I buy any more make-up than I used to, but I’ve definitely gotten more savvy about things like cost-per-wear and what skin-type something is made for. Plus, I’ve definitely learnt to apply it better, which has resulted in me looking like I wear less make-up on a day-to-day basis. I’ve even wholeheartedly embraced nude lipstick colours, which is something I never thought I’d do (red lipstick ’til the end!) so perhaps I am a wholly new person – from the outside at least. But, without further ado, here are my Holy Grail Ultimate Favourite Make-Up Picks… For now…


1 – Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (John Lewis/Urban Decay counters, £29)

I have recently discovered this foundation and  I am love. I rarely, if ever, find makeup products that match my skin tone and usually have to make do with the lightest shade, even though it’s usually too yellow. In this range, I am the SECOND to lightest shade. I didn’t even know they made humans with whiter skin than me. And perhaps better than that, it really is full coverage. When you’re wearing this, there’s no need for under-eye concealer or colour-correcting fluid, it does it all. And I love it.


2 – MUA Luxe Eyeliner Pen (Superdrug, £4)

So this has absolutely overtaken my love for Soap & Glory’s SuperCat Liner. I recently purchased another SuperCat and the quality is about the same of the MUA Luxe, with the MUA Luxe actually giving a much darker colour pay-off.. In terms of ease of use, they’re identical. Both glide on effortlessly and make creating winged liner very easy. I do winged liner everyday but I’m not willing to spend ages trying to get both sides perfect, so felt tip liners are perfect for me. The only difference between these two is price, but with the MUA Luxe pen being £6 cheaper, it’s a clear winner in my eyes.



3 – Body Shop Crème Blusher in shade Florida Sunset (The Body Shop, £4 in sale)

Perhaps the best thing about this blusher is that it’s £4 in the clearance at my local Body Shop and they never seem to run out – I’ve been using it since Christmas time! It glides on over foundation without (ever) pilling and gives an extremely subtly but noticeable glow to the skin. I use the shade Florida Sunrise which is bright peachy orange in the pot, but becomes a deeper, glowy shade when applied to the skin. I use it every day, without fail. On days where I want more oomph to my make-up, I might pat a more pigmented orange shade over the top from my Makeup Revolution Hot Spice blush palette, but it’s good enough on it’s own for general everyday wear.


4 – Topshop Highligher in shade Mother of Pearl (Topshop, £12.50)

This is the highlighter dreams are made of. It’s a beautiful pinky pearly shimmer and I always get comments on it every time I wear it. Due to the pinky tones, this isn’t my everyday highlight, but it looks beautiful whenever I’m trying to complement a pink blush or eyeshadow. It’s not overly subtle, just as a warning, but you definitely wouldn’t regret buying this.



5 – Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in shade 6 (Boots, £20)

 After years of trying different brow products, I’ve finally found one I love. I got this for my birthday in May this year and I now don’t use any other brow product. It’s double ended with a spoolie on one end that lets you brush your brows into shape, and a kind-of eyebrow pencil on the other end. But it’s not just any old pencil. It’s one of those ones where you twist to get more out, so it never goes blunt which means crisp lines with every stroke. It’s absolutely revolutionary.


A couple of products from the original post are still going strong – nothing has made me forsake my Collection concealer yet (although I am currently trying out the Kat Von D Lock-It concealer. So far, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in coverage and staying power. Will report more in a later post!) I’ve also fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lipstick, but I think the blogging community has already heard enough about that particular gem, so I’ll spare you!



I hope you’re all well and thanks for reading! See you next time 😊 P.

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