Mini Superdrug Haul/Reviews



About a month ago now, I bought these products (and a few more regular buys) from Superdrug and figured I’d use them for a while before writing a review. The thought process behind this was that I’d then be able to give a more detailed review. Some of these products did make it into my daily make-up routine, which is a major seal of approval, although some didn’t make much of an impression at all, and I’ve actually had to dig them out to include them in this post. So, this is a little bit more of a review post than a haul but I hope you enjoy anyhow!


Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream (£2.99 in shades Mulberry and Caramel)

At the time that I bought this, it was available in 5 colours – a nude shade, light pink, dark pink, dark plum and bright red. – although they have now brought out a few more, I believe. I bought the nude pink, light pink and plum shades. The plum is actually the shade you can see in my Instagram profile photo, although this is the shade I liked the least. After around 5-6 coats it still looked flaky and streaky which was disappointing as I normally adore Collection lipsticks. The nude and light pink shades are much, much better thankfully. The nude shade is an incredibly good dupe for NYX’s Lip Lingerie in shade Teddy at half the price. The lighter shades stay on fairly well, both lasting through a cup of coffee (although this is nothing compared to NYX’s Lip Lingerie which won’t budge throughout a three-course-meal – although the only brands I’ve ever known to have better longevity than NYX are pricey American imports like Kylie Cosmetics and Kat Von D). These lip creams are great if you’re on a budget, but I have known better products from this brand in the past. I’m personally hoping they’ll change the consistency of the darker colours in the future.


MUA Luxe Precision Liner (£4 in Black)

For about two months, this eyeliner has been my absolute best friend – I can create long swooping wings within ten seconds without breaking a sweat. It’s incredibly cheap too, which also works to its advantage. As it’s a felt liner tip, you have a lot of control over your liner, which I really like. The only downside is that after a while, the tip starts to split/widen a little and suddenly it becomes impossible to do wings that aren’t massive splodges. If you want something guaranteed to last a long time, I’d suggest Soap & Glory’s Super Cat liner, but for £4, MUA Luxe’s does an incredibly good job. I’m sold and will continue to use this everyday.


GOSH Lumi Drops Illuminating Blush (£8.99 in shade Rose Blush)

A little of this goes a long way, like, a reeallllly long way. I tend to squeeze out the smallest drop I tentatively can and then divide this one drop between both of my cheeks. This colour is BRIGHT. But, if you’re sparing with how much you use, you can get the most perfect pink blush that really livens up your complexion, especially if you’re pale like me. It comes in a bottle with a dropper which is clever as it means the product will last a really long time. If you haven’t used it for a while, the liquid inside seems to separate a little which means you get some watery drops at first, but I’m sure a good shake before use would fix this. This isn’t something I use every day (I love my Body Shop crème blush far too much to deviate too often!) but when I do use it I’m always impressed with the results.


Barry M MatteMeUp Lip Paint (£4.99 in shade Paparazzi)

The first thing I need to say about this is do not try to apply it without a lip brush! I made that mistake the first time I tried to use it and ended up looking like I’d gone apple-bobbing in a tub filled with red paint. Not a good look! It does come with a lip brush style applicator inside, but it has absolutely no clue what it’s doing. Once on, it dries really quickly and stays on really well. The colour I went for was a bright red, which is a beautiful Taylor Swift-esque colour when on. I like my lipsticks to be really easy to apply though, and so this one lost points for needing extra tools  – although I’m sure that wouldn’t be a drawback for other people. The consistency of this product was also a little drying once it was on – my lips felt tight after wearing this for longer than a half hour. 


L’oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss (£6.99 in shade Gold Dazzle)

I’ve been using this as a topcoat for nude lipsticks to make them glossy/shimmery and although I do find the consistency a little sticky, it is better than any other lip-gloss I’ve tried. I wonder if perhaps a similar effect could be achieved with a clear gloss though, as the shimmer adds a slight air of pre-pubescent make-up experimentation. Part of me feels that if you’re going for a glittery lip you might as well just go the whole hog and put actual glitter on your lips and not mess around with shimmery sticky substances in tubes. But perhaps that’s just me, and I’m simply not yet quite converted to the subtleties of lip-gloss.


And that’s it from me today! Hope you enjoyed reading my little beauty haul and let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think of them! See you soon 😊 P.

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