Tipsy Monday Love – Twitter/Instagram/Blogs I LOVE

All photos in this blog post are my own!

I have no idea whether or not you guys have noticed but these past three weeks I’ve been trying really hard to keep to a ‘schedule’ for my blog posts which is something I’ve never tried before other than during my daily blogging experiments! I’ve been trying really hard to make sure there’s one new post on my blog every Monday. And I was doing well with it – until today! Now it’s 9pm on Monday evening and after a hard day at work I indulged in a bottle of red wine, of which I am halfway through. BUT I do not give up that easily! And what seems like a really good idea right around now is a quick blog post shouting out all my absolute social media and blogging faves because honestly, what fun is being drunk unless you tell everyone just how much you really love them?!


First off, I want to give the warmest and loudest shout-out to my Instagram pod, the one and only ALL NUGGETS GANG (we love chicken nuggets, but we’re not about discrimination so ALL nuggets deserve love). This is the only Instagram pod I’m part of just because it’s been the most welcoming and supportive atmosphere that I haven’t found in any other pods I joined. We all support and help each other – it’s not uncommon for one of us to ask the group for advice. We apologise if ever we’ve not caught up (I am honestly the WORST at not catching up for days on end)  but nobody minds and we just always remind each other that it’s ok to take time out to focus on ourselves. At times, when I’ve posted on Twitter – a completely different social media to what our pod is about -about issues I’ve been having, members of the Nugget Gang have been the first to comment offering advice and support and general loveliness. They all deserve your time and follows and love:

*All hyperlinks in this section are to blog or YouTube pages unless otherwise stated*






@aesthetix.katie (link to Twitter account)









Some other Instagram accounts I want to shout out for being ON POINT are @_alybell for gorgeous alternative styling and the most AWESOME hair and makeup. Also @amyrowleyy for her beautiful and sophisticated fashion and lifestyle stylings. And finally, a shoutout to @hobbitshairdye_ – I just love the vintage feel to her photos.


Moving onto Twitter now, which is where I feel I’ve made most of my virtual blogger friends since starting out on my blogging journey back in March. Here I’m just going to list all the people who have ever made me feel supported and uplifted since I joined the blogger community. Some of them are bloggers and YouTuber’s but they all deserve your support and love as they are all truly wonderful human beings:











I’m going to stop there because honestly I could go ALL NIGHT but it’s already taken me the best part of twenty minutes to add on all the hyperlinks to those I’ve already mentioned! Also I passed tipsy quite a few glasses ago.

I hope you’re all having wonderful evenings and weeks, and know that even if I didn’t mention you in this post, chances are I think you’re wonderful.

Let me know in the comments below which bloggers always put a smile on your face!

See you next time! P.





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  1. Awww thanks so much for mentioning me lovely! ☺ half way through a bottle of wine is definitely the right time to share the love!hehe you’ve always been so supportive of my blog and I really appreciate it! Lots of love xoxo

    PaleGirlRambling xo

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  2. Amy says:

    Awh thanks for mentioning me, I feel so fuzzy and warm right now🙈 I’m glad you feel so supported by your insta pod group!This was such a lovely post to read🖤🖤

    Liked by 1 person

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