May Life Update

Hello! I haven’t done one of these since early March because honestly, my life is just that boring, but now I have new exciting things to tell you!


The first big one to tell you is that I’m (hopefully) moving away to Cardiff to live with my friend Anna as of the 22nd May (so in about 2 weeks!) I say hopefully because it all depends on if I can get a job before the move-in date or not. If I can’t secure a job or a transfer from my current job, I’m going to fail the employee reference from the letting agency, and the flat will be put back on the market. Honestly, I’m absolutely terrified. It’s not looking likely that Waterstones is going to pull a transfer out of the bag, and it’s hard to job-search when you’re 70 miles away. One tiny tidbit of hope I received today is that I’m being interviewed for a 20 hour retail position in Cardiff city centre in just over a week’s time so all fingers and toes crossed for that! I’ve applied for around 6 jobs today alone and I plan to replicate that for the next two weeks. Here’s hoping that something will turn up.


The next pretty big thing that’s all tied up with my move is that I’ve been accepted into beauty college in Cardiff starting September this year! And, get this, it’s FREE! There’s a one-off fee of about £400 to pay for uniform and a makeup & beauty kit, a £30 enrolment fee and that’s it. Honestly, I love Wales. (The prescriptions are free in Wales too, it just gets better and better!) But yes, I start on a Level 2 Beauty Therapy course in September which covers all areas of waxing (not gonna lie, slightly terrified of the ‘Back, Sack and Crack’ variety), massage, manicures/pedicures and eyebrow shaping, tinting and eyelash extensions. The course is either going to be 2 or 3 days a week, so I’m easily going to be able to fit a full-time job around it and there’s one placement week in February. My goals at the moment are to pass with flying colours and then go on to do a Level 3 course in Theatrical Makeup. But who knows, that could all change.


I got so incredibly worked up and stressed before my college interview that I so nearly walked out before my name was called. Part of it was because I’d been so discouraged job-searching in the city centre earlier in the day, but part of it was because I felt like a fraud for wanting to go to beauty college. A girl like me. With a degree in English Literature. And a slight fear of false eyelashes. Who tips the scales over 10 stone. I am most definitely not what people think of when they think of a beauty therapist. I’m thinking I might write a blog about this one day soon, about challenging expectations. Do let me know if this is something you’d like to read or not in the comments. Ditto if you’d like to see a post about what I wore, and the make-up I did for my college interview, as I know that was something that I was worried about getting right.


Those are probably the two main things, but I thought that they were enough news that I could justify doing a Life Update post on this here little blog. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you reading this – yes, you! – for taking the time out of your day to read my blog, it really does mean so much. And that goes out to each and every one of my followers on here, Twitter and Instagram. I was incredibly touched on my birthday, 2 days ago, at how many of you, who only know me from my blog, wished me a happy birthday. I think I’ve said before how sheltered, and at times, lonely, my life is and the kindness of strangers really is a wonder to behold. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being such lovely people.


Anyway, enough of the soppy stuff. See you soon! P.

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