5 Best Beauty Buys Under £5

I keep coming across “20 Best Under £20” posts on my Twitter and Instagram but as I’m currently incredibly broke, I thought I’d scale the idea down a little. This post goes out to all the chic ladies out there with less than £100 in their bank account who’re still trying to look their goddamn best. I feel you.


1 – Collection Pressed Powder – £1.99

I’ve mentioned this powder before on my blog, but it simply is incredible. Their shade 91 Ivory is honestly the best shade I have EVER come across for my pale skin – it’s better than NYX, Estee Lauder, Rimmel, you name it I’ve tried it and then gone back to this one. It’s the perfect ‘my skin but better’ look and at this price, you really can’t go wrong. I live in fear that one day this product will get discontinued but it’s been around for a good 10 years now so here’s hoping!


2 – Primark Blending sponges – from £1+

When it comes to brushes, I’m more discerning about the quality, but how different can a sponge be? I’ve got around 5 blending sponges that I use on rotation before my weekly brush/sponge clean and most of the sponges are from Primark! I’ve got these cute little purple marbled ones – 2 for £1.50 – that are absolutely perfect for blending concealer into my under-eye area with the pointy end but also good at blending over my whole face with the larger end. It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

Ignore the foundation marks!

3 –  Elnett Hairspray – £3.98 for 200ml

 I’m told that this is the hairspray used backstage at the biggest fashion events, and I can understand why. This hairspray is incredibly versatile – it can be used for anything from taming fly-aways to holding a bouffant bee-hive a la Amy Winehouse in shape. It’s also incredibly easy to remove from the hair, seemingly disappearing with the stroke of a brush. I buy the mini sized canisters and they usually last me around 3 months.


4 – Primark Contour & Highlight Duo – £3.50

 Whilst the highlight in this compact is a weird sallow yellow shade, the contour is actually incredible. I bought a whole face worth of Primark make-up to try out for a blog post (hopefully coming your way in the next few weeks!) and since trying every product, this is the one that has really stood out to me. I now use it every single day instead of the Collection contour shade I was using. I’ll admit that I was wary about Primark make-up on my extremely sensitive skin, but I’ve been using this contour on my cheeks for the best part of a month now and have experienced absolutely no problems yet!

5 – Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit – £3.99

I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned this one on my blog before as well, but it’s a product that needs to be shared! Zoella claims that she only uses the wax in this little kit to do her eyebrows and whether you believe her or not, the fact remains that this is one stonker of a kit. For your money, you get tinted wax, brow powder and a double ended spoolie brush. The pigment pay-off in the brow powder rivals the almighty ABH Dipbrow pomade and your eyebrow makeup will stay in place all day with no annoying powder fallout. For less than £4, this is a wonder product.



What I wish I could’ve included in this list is ASDA’s own brand spot gel, but after trying to find it in my local store and online, I think it’s been discontinued! If you can find this in your local ASDA and you have acne that is bad enough to bother you, but not bad enough for a doctor’s referral, this product will save you! It’s only £1.50 and for me, it worked better than every other named spot treatment brand out there.


I hope this post helped at least one other constantly-broke-but-beauty-obsessed individual out there! I apologise that I don’t have pictures for all the products but I’ve only got empties of the others which wouldn’t take an overly pretty picture!

See you soon 🙂 P.

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  1. Meg J-A says:

    I will definfiely​ have to try the colelction​ powder, I LOVE the concealer!!

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