Music Monday – First In A Series?? 17/04/17


Something that you might not know about me is that I *love* music. But not in a poncey opinionated way –  in an I-couldn’t-live-without-it kinda way. I find it absolutely impossible to walk further than a 2 minute distance by myself without listening to music. On the rare occasions when my iPod and my phone have run out of battery mid-commute, I always feel slightly panicky and lost and end up draining my 4G date to listen to music via YouTube. I also need to listen to music for at least half an hour a day. My walk to work takes 30 minutes either way so this usually covers that, but when I stay overnight with friends I do occasionally get a little antsy. Sometimes I make excuses about going for an ‘early morning walk to clear my head’ so I can listen to my music in peace. It’s odd, I know. What I’m trying to say is that my relationship with music is deeper than a simple like/dislike aspect ratio.


Bearing that in mind, however, I’m not particularly picky about my music. The only two main genres I rarely (if ever) listen to are classical music and heavy metal music. That said, I do have a soft spot for La Tortura and Before I Forget.  My music taste, in a very basic sense, tends to fall into one of two over-reaching categories – Pop Music or Indie Music. I thought that I’d share with you what I’m listening to this week, and what my favourite new music of 2017 has been so far. Depending on how this post goes down, I might make it a regular thing!


So, this week, iTunes has some exceptionally good tracks in it’s ‘Songs for 59p’ category. As I type, I’m singing along to the ones I’ve just bought, some of which were my favourite songs whilst growing up:

  1. Ain’t It Funny by Jennifer Lopez. When I was about 10 years old, my parents bought me a karaoke machine (don’t ask me why, I’m tone deaf and always have been) and I used to pick this song to sing along to ALL the time. I’m still word perfect, as it turns out, almost 15 years later. It’s the perfect summery bop song from J.Lo at her best.
  2. Love Song by Sara Bareilles – I’m fairly sure everybody in their early twenties will remember this song from their schooldays. Sassy singer-songwriter singing about how boys should love her for her imperfect self – the confidence we could only dream to have back in those days! The song’s aged well, I could still imagine hearing something similar on Radio 1 today.
  3. No More Sad Songs by Little Mix (& Machine Gun Kelly) – one of the few newer songs included in this week’s round-up, but it’s one of the stand-out tracks from Little Mix’s most recent album. Definitely one to listen and relate to if you’ve ever tried to force yourself to get over somebody. I probably listen to this on a daily basis at the moment.
  4. Green Light by Lorde – Oh. My. God. Lorde is back. And she’s 59p?!?! This song is incredible, as well you might imagine. A popsy bluesy modern take on a classic love song. You can recognise it’s still the same woman from Pure Heroine, but she also sounds less angry and more worldly-wise. If you’re a fan of YouTubers, Bethan Leadley (MusicalBethan) does a beautiful cover of this song which is perhaps better than the original by a very small margin due to less electrobeats and more of a focus on the mesmerising lyrics.



My Favourite Album this current week would have to be Lady Gaga’s Joanne. Even though it came out a while ago now, I’m still completely in love with it. I wrote off Lady Gaga as nothing but a gimmick back when Born This Way came out, and I’ve never paid much attention since. Then I heard her sing ‘The Sound Of Music’ and then I watched her perform a Bowie tribute on the BRITs. And then I heard Million Reasons. I feel like her return has been carefully constructed this way to remind us just how utterly breath-taking her voice is when she’s not rapping or auto-tuned to within an inch of her life. Joanne showcases every single vocal style imaginable from the full on electro-pop of Perfect Illusion to the soft country ballad of Joanne. There is not a single song on this 11 track album that I don’t adore, which is no mean feat in itself. My personal favourites -if I *had* to choose – are opening track Diamond Heart – a confident up-beat pop song – and Hey Girl – a duet with Florence Welch that celebrates women supporting women.


And finally, tracks I haven’t been able to get out of my head all week AKA The Actual Weekly Favourites:


Haze by Tessa Violet – a funky electro-pop masterpiece that will get stuck in your head and refuse to leave. The second I get paid on Thursday I’m going to be buying Violet’s EP Halloway.


Intertwined by dodie – I initially overlooked the title track from dodie’s debut EP as a soppy slow ballad, but it’s so much more. The first 30 seconds are slow but it picks up as you go along to reveal some truly beautiful lyrics. Akin to a young Laura Marling.


Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie – A song released towards the end of the very height of Bowie’s fame, it’s both very dark and highly experimental. With references to the fabled Major Tom of Space Oddity becoming a ‘junkie’, this isn’t one for people who like their pop stars squeaky clean. This song always has an effect on me – I find the best way to listen to it is with eyes closed, sometimes whilst I’m walking down the street -which is definitely going to go wrong one day!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this deviant post. I love discovering new music so I’ll leave you with a question to answer in the comments – what music are you loving lately? I’d love to know 😊

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