Product Reviews in <140 Characters

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you’ve eaten lots of chocolate and (hopefully) had a little bit of a rest today! Are you ready for something a bit different today?

OK, so the general gist here is that I’m gonna review various things I’ve come across in the past week, BUT I can only use 140 characters (or less).

Yes, it’s a gimmick but it’s 10.30pm on a Sunday night and this idea came to me about 10 seconds ago and I’m nothing if not rash (that’s actually a pun on a number of levels. See previous posts about the state of my skin if you don’t believe me…)

…And away we go:


L’oreal Paris Extreme Resist Lip Gloss in Shade 509 You Know You Love Me

I don’t actually like lipgloss but I LOVE this one. It’s SO shimmery which means you can wear it on it’s own- I pare with pink lipstick.


NYX Lid Lingerie in Shade 04 Gold Standard

I’ve just discovered eye shadow paint and I LOVE it! Like their Lip Lingerie but for your eyes. ‘Nuff said. Brilliant stuff.


L’oreal Paris Eye Paint in Shade 102 Irresistible Rose

More eye shadow paint! Stays put all day & a beautiful dusky rose colour. So easy to apply, just paint it on! No more tricky blending at 6AM!

And finally, that thing that everybody’s talking about:


13 Reasons Why – Netflix Original TV Series

SO GOOD. Watch it, you won’t regret it. Perhaps it glamorises MH but it gets people talking. I cried and so did my hench male friend.



Hope you’ve enjoyed this strange, small post! Sorry it’s so short, but I guess it was always going to be! Again, hope you’ve had a lovely Easter weekend and I’ll see you soon!

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