LUSH Metamorphosis Bath Bomb Review

Last weekend, it just so happened that I was visiting Cardiff only a day after LUSH had reopened their brand new store in Queen Street. Naturally, I just HAD to visit. Oh my god, the store is AMAZING! Me and my friend Anna went on a tour of the spa and  we even saw some demo live treatments happening. They looked so relaxing and luxurious. My favourite one I saw was The Comforter treatment, mainly because the ceiling was lit up like this for it:


Beautiful, right?

The spa has an ‘English country home’ style décor, and we were told that most of the items in the spa were reclaimed/recycled items sourced from Dorset, which is, of course, where LUSH was founded. Every room and corridor in the spa feels incredibly homely and relaxing. The sound of bird song is constantly in the background – it even plays in the lift! – which adds to the relaxing countryside aesthetic. Suffice it to say, the tour made me want to save up to be able to afford a LUSH spa treatment. Maybe one day, eh?

On to the main review of today’s post – on the shop floor of the Cardiff store I was lucky enough to pick up a Metamorphosis bath bomb. Previously only available at the LUSH summit earlier this year, this bath bomb has been doing the rounds with beauty bloggers and LUSH aficionados because it’s so unlike anything else LUSH have ever done. First off, it looks extremely different to other bath bombs:

Grey is definitely not the colour most people think of when they think of LUSH. Pink, maybe. Or yellow. Not grey with weird jagged-y indentations. I’ll admit, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing product in it’s initial form. However, I’d urge you to remember the name of this bath bomb – Metamorphosis. It’s safe to assume there’s more to this product than meets the eye.

When you first put it in the water, large ripples of silver grey shoot out from the bath bomb almost immediately – it’s almost like it’s keen to shed it’s outer layer as quickly as possible!

Soon, however, you notice pockets of bright colours erupting from the centre. Pink and yellow and green. Set against the grey background, the colours seem even more vibrant. I was mesmerised by this bath bomb in the water. Even though it takes under two minutes to finish it’s cycle, the colours seem never-ending.

Hard to believe it’s the same product, isn’t it?


In terms of scent, Metamorphosis smells similar to Lord of Misrule, a scent that LUSH have brought out for a few Christmases in a row. The main ingredients are black pepper, cinnamon and myrrh resinoid. I used Lord of Misrule shower gel whilst in the bath, to properly compare the scents, and Metamorphosis is an earthier and less sweet-smelling scent. Usually, I prefer fruity and floral scents, but this one did surprise me by how much I liked it.

The only downside to Metamorphosis is that the combination of the colours turns the final water a rather murky brown, which isn’t the most pleasant colour to associate with bath-time!


I’m willing to forgive it for this though, as the colours changing from grey to an assorted rainbow melee was so incredibly different to any other bath bomb that I’ve tried. I hope that LUSH bring this product back into stores and I wish that I’d picked up more than one for myself in Cardiff!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and the slightly shorter post to usual. Hope you’re doing well and I’ll see you soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂 P.


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