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David Walliams BOOK REVIEW (The Boy In The Dress/Blob)

None of us can deny that there's a hype around David Walliams at the moment. Working in a bookstore, I saw first-hand just how many copies of The Midnight Gang, his most recent book, flew off the shelves over Christmas. My friend told me yesterday that, during his internship at Harper Collins last year, he… Continue reading David Walliams BOOK REVIEW (The Boy In The Dress/Blob)

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On Feminism. And Emma Watson.

A few weeks ago, Piers Morgan stated that feminism's one ideology was to 'striv(e) to be so good at what you do that your gender is irrelevant, then (to make) sure you are rewarded in the same way as a man'. This angered me, sure, but my first thought was pure shock. Does Mr. Morgan… Continue reading On Feminism. And Emma Watson.

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Which is the BEST highlighter?!

My spirit animal is a magpie. Glittery, shiny things are my kryptonite. If I could, I would spend every day collecting/buying/stealing as many glittery things as I could get my hands on. It's like a compulsion. So, it will come as a surprise to everyone, including myself, that it took me a long time to… Continue reading Which is the BEST highlighter?!

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Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow Wax/Tint Review

I'd originally booked an eyebrow wax with my local Benefit Brow Bar because I'd felt that threading just wasn't working anymore. It was stupidly painful with very mixed results - the same therapist would sometimes do a great job, and sometimes manage to hide my natural arch altogether. Equally, she always told me what to… Continue reading Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow Wax/Tint Review

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Clarins Skincare Review

About a month ago, I started using a bunch of Clarins products on my skin, to see what would happen. Before this, I'd mainly used cheaper products, or ones aimed solely at younger skin, as mine shows no signs of ageing at the moment (I should damn well hope so at 23!) Some of them… Continue reading Clarins Skincare Review