Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and what better gift to give than a book? My own mother is currently drowning in the number of proofs and free copies of books I’ve passed onto her, so I’m not being allowed to buy her a book for Mother’s Day! I’ve decided, however, to write a post of books that I may have considered, had I been given the chance. As my mum has very specific tastes though, I’m going to cast a wider net and recommend books that would appeal to all types of people – I’d like to think my job as a bookseller gives me some insight into the recent buying psyche of women!


First off, is the Literary Fiction category (a.k.a the book I would have bought my mum)

 My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout

Perhaps predominantly because it is sold as being about the relationship between a daughter and her mother. However, that’s not all this book has to offer. The prose is beautifully rich and detailed, you can imagine the protagonist’s life so vividly. Strout’s ability to create characters that linger in the mind has long been praised in the literary world, and I can see why. In short, this novel is about life; how we navigate the world, and the relationships we form whilst we are in it. A biopic in a nutshell. It’s truly beautiful and I would recommend it to anybody, not just mothers!

Crime Fiction

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

I haven’t read this yet, but I desperately want to. The tagline to this book is: ‘Roanoke girls never last long…we either run or we die’ – spooky, right? It’s about a girl who ‘s raised in the lap of luxury, by the Roanoke family. Upon discovering a family secret, she later runs away. However, when she learns years later that her younger cousin, who has also been brought up by the same family has gone missing, she returns as she fears something darker has occurred than a simple disappearance. All I’ve heard are good things about this book, and it’s sure to be the next big thing.


Arthur: The dog who crossed a jungle to find a home by Mikael Lindnord

This is the beautiful and heart-warming true story of a Swedish man, Lindnord, who was racing through the jungle in South America as a captain of an Adventure Racing team, when he discovered a friend he didn’t know he needed. One day, he threw a meatball to a stray dog, who then refused to leave his side. This book records the story of Lindnord and Arthur’s journey, up until the point where Lindnord decides he cannot be parted from Arthur and must bring him home. This book has been selling like wild-fire, and it’s the perfect feel-good shaggy dog story to warm your heart on a rainy day.

Other Books That Are Super Popular Right Now:

  • The Things You Only See When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim – this book is insanely popular at the moment – and it’s mainly 30+ aged women that are coming in to ask for it. I know that it’s written by a Buddhist monk and that it’s about how we need to slow down in our day-to-day lives, rather than rush to keep up with the fast pace of the digital world.
  • The Stranger in My Home by Adele Parks – perhaps this is the ‘chick lit’ of this post, as the customers who are buying this are also buying Jilly Cooper’s latest offering. This is about a woman who finds out that when her daughter was born, she was swapped at the hospital. Now, 15 years later, on finding out the truth, she has her world turned upside down.


I hope this post helped! I’ll be doing more posts later this week on the books that I’ve bought recently, as well as some more specific reviews of individual titles. Hope you all have a lovely evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow! P.

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