Maybelline Nudes Palettes Review (Blushed Nudes/Rock Nudes)

I’m not usually a ‘nude’ colour palette kinda gal. Those Urban Decay Naked palettes have never spoken to me. Aesthetically speaking, I prefer more of a cobalt blue, an emerald green or a fuchsia pink. But, bearing that in mind, the eye shadow colour I tend to wear almost every day at work, without fail, is a baby pink. Think candy-floss. Unicorns. Those strawberry-flavoured shrimp pick’n’mix sweets. You get the idea. That colour, blended all over my eyelids and a strong, thick lashing of black eyeliner.

It’s very ’60s, I’ll admit. But my love for a good solid baby-pink shadow is what first drew me to the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette – the shade slap-bag in the middle of the palette is the absolute perfect colour. It’s very light and subtle, but still looks like you’re wearing a ‘look’. I first started using a baby pink shade on my eyes when I was 11 years old, so perhaps it’s more habit than choice these days, but it also means I can spot a good specimen when it comes along. Luckily for Maybelline, eh?

The lighter shadows in this palette are not particularly pigmented. Sat here, in the evening, bathed in yellow, unnatural light, I’ve been unable to capture a swatch of the cream, frosted ashy pink or baby-pink shades. In contrast, the more bronzed shades are highly pigmented and, in my opinion, almost don’t belong on a ‘blush’ coloured palette as there’s nothing subtle or unassuming about them. That’s not to say that I don’t like them – I love them. My second favourite shade in this set is the golden bronze on the far right of the top shelf. I first wore this shade on a date (my only one in the past year!) and I loved how it accentuated my eyes. But the shimmery, almost nothing-ness of the lighter shades is the best thing about this collection of shadows. I think, sometimes, us make-up lovers get carried away, what with ‘pigmentation’ being the buzzword of the season. It’s just simply nice to wear something simple and light for a change. I never thought I’d catch myself saying that, but here we are!

Because this palette is now my go-to palette nearly every morning, I branched out earlier this week and purchased the Rock Nudes Palette in the same range by Maybelline. They do four ‘nude’ sets in total, the (original) nudes, rock, blushed and 24k. I was torn between the Rock Nudes or 24k Nudes, as I could only afford one of them before pay-day, being the poor, broke spendthrift that I am. The 24k set has some beautiful gemstone-esque colours, but I went for the Rock Nudes as I liked the look of the gold shade in the middle (it’s so shimmery, I can’t do it justice with adjectives, but it’s beautiful, trust me).

The Rock Nudes set is strangely named, as there’s nothing remotely ‘nude’ or ‘natural’ about any of the colours, except for two at the start. Also, the gap between the lighter and darker shades is even more accentuated, as you have everything from an extremely pale, shimmery lilac (which is exquisite) to a pure jet black. As you can expect, however, you can craft a perfect smoky eye from the shades here, which is another reason why I bought it.

Each of the sets comes with a brush that has an eye shadow applicator on one end and a miniature blending brush on the other, which is incredibly useful. They don’t come with a mirror, but this doesn’t bother me as I prefer to use my own magnifier mirror when applying eye shadow anyway. Price-wise, it comes in at £9.99 at Boots, which for 12 shades I’d say is pretty reasonable. Like with a CD, you can expect some ‘fillers’/unnecessary shades (*cough* the peachy white-girl-skin-tone shade on the far-left bottom shelf of the Rock Nudes*cough*) but the majority are actually incredible good quality for a mass-market drug-store chain palette.



Thanks for reading, as always, see you tomorrow! P.

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