Which is the BEST highlighter?!

My spirit animal is a magpie. Glittery, shiny things are my kryptonite. If I could, I would spend every day collecting/buying/stealing as many glittery things as I could get my hands on. It’s like a compulsion. So, it will come as a surprise to everyone, including myself, that it took me a long time to appreciate the value of a good highlighter. This is shimmery stuff you can wear DAILY and nobody thinks you’re weird for it. If you get the right pearly gleam, people will compliment you on ‘dat glow’ instead of asking how the flight back from Vegas was, and if you could give their regards to Elvis. Ohmygod guys you’re so funny…*rolls eyes*…

As the highlighting trend is relatively new, it’s not something that I’d paid much attention to in my make-up routine. When I first started with contouring, I bought one of those little contour/highlight duos, patted the highlight part on top of my cheekbone contour, and paid it no more attention throughout the day. Then, highlighting got popular. I’m talking glitzy-glow-kit-strobe-effect-extravaganza popular. It’s now considered haute couture to douse your cheekbones in lilac shimmery powder. And whilst it is my DREAM to own an Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit (it’s on my wish-list, which, coincidentally, is another blog post coming soon!), so that I can do just that, I needed to find cheaper, UK-based products to create the perfectly radiant daily glow.

Here are the some of the products I’ve tried and tested on my quest to find the PERFECT highlighter:

Collection Contour Kit (£4.19 Boots)

The highlighter in this is actually great, I ran out of this way before the contour refill. It’s a very light powder, in terms of colour and coverage, which makes it perfect for lighter skin tones. This is, essentially, the highlighter I’m trying to replace, as I don’t like the contour powder which is too dark for my skin, even in the lighter shade. The highlight is subtle, and perfect for everyday use, but it seems silly to buy a duo product simply for one half – I feel like there has to be a replica of this highlight somewhere out there!


Benefit High Beam Highlighter (£21.50 Boots)

In terms of colour, this is a lovely pearly pink shade, which is great. What I don’t get on with is the consistency. I like a matte finish to my makeup, and this highlighter is a liquid, which means it soaks up face powder, and occasionally causes the product to ball-up on my skin and flake off. I dabbed some product on the top of my cheekbones with the brush applicator and tried to pat it into my skin, but it just didn’t blend with my powder. Likewise, if you apply it under powder, there seems to be no effect at all, and the highlighter will eat most of the powder. If you favour a dewy finish, and use no powder products, this highlighter may be perfect for you – do let me know if any of you use this one and love it. It is pretty pricey though, so it’s not something I can see myself buying again whilst I’m still favouring a matte finish.

Barry M Illuminating Highlighter Palette (£6.49 Boots)

The use of the word ‘palette’ is slightly creative wording here, you get 3 shades in this set: a transparent white, a slightly shimmery pink and a golden bronze. The middle one is a lovely blusher, whilst the third is a great contour. The white is effectively useless. However, none of them are highlighters. As Barry M is known for its highly-pigmented eyeshadow pots, I must say, I was slightly disappointed with this ‘palette’.


LUSH cosmetics Eye Shadow  in Optimist (£10 LUSH)

Yes, you read that right. Eye Shadow.Eye Shadow as a highlighter. I wish this could have been the success story to this post, but, alas, despite being the PERFECT amount of silvery golden glittery heaven, this simply has no staying power on the cheeks. If you’re able to do a little touch-up every 3 hours, then this is brilliant. It gives an iridescence that I simply haven’t found in other products claiming to be highlighters and flawlessly blends into skin and powder make-up. But it just doesn’t stay put throughout the day. I am absolutely heartbroken about this –  the first day when I used this as my highlighter in the morning, I was so convinced that I’d found the one! I planned out this post, thinking that this product would be the winner, but I simply don’t feel confident in that verdict anymore when it only lasts a maximum of 3 to 4 hours.

And so, the quest continues….


MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Show Gold (MAC/Beales £24.50)

Topshop Highlighter in Mother of Pearl (£12.50 Topshop)

Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon (£12 Topshop)


Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow ❤

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