Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow Wax/Tint Review

The final result!

I’d originally booked an eyebrow wax with my local Benefit Brow Bar because I’d felt that threading just wasn’t working anymore. It was stupidly painful with very mixed results – the same therapist would sometimes do a great job, and sometimes manage to hide my natural arch altogether. Equally, she always told me what to do with my eyebrows to ‘fix’ them, despite me telling her each and every time I visited that my dry skin will ALWAYS flare up when stuff is being ripped out of it, and the start of my left eyebrow will NEVER grow in, however many times you tell me to ‘let it grow’ (spoiler alert, even the Benefit lady couldn’t totally fix Left Eyebrow, he really is a lost cause [don’t ask me why my eyebrows are apparently male!?!])


My beauty therapist was ready at exactly 2pm, and she finished at the exact time of her next appointment, which was so refreshing to see. She started off by asking me in-depth questions about my medication/lifestyle/skincare to make sure that the tint/wax would be ok to use and then she explained exactly what she was going to do and why. It was so nice to have somebody ask me what I wanted done to MY brows rather than just laying back and hoping for the best, no euphemism intended! Perhaps most important, though, is the fact that she was kind, thorough, bubbly and all-round lovely, which made the whole experience seem much more luxurious. When you consider that I was essentially paying for pain, this beauty therapist made the appointment something ‘fun’ and not the chore I would usually associate with getting my eyebrows fixed.


We discussed the way I usually did my brows, and how I wanted them to look. We then picked out the colour to tint my brows, which was a mid-brown. I think if I went back that I would go for a darker colour, as I tend to fill in my brows fairly dark on a daily basis, and, as bad as it sounds, I think this tint is still too natural-looking for me! Gimme that fake ‘Insta-brow’ any day, aha! She first drew in my eyebrows with some Benefit products, before showing me the parts she was about to wax and checking that I was okay/agreed. The tint was then applied and then cleaned off – this part of the process lasted around 5-10 minutes. The tint felt slightly hot/itchy a few minutes after being applied, but when I voiced my concerns, the therapist removed the tint mixture promptly, asking another customer politely to wait just a second whilst she removed all the product. This attention to my concerns made me feel really valued as a client, which was also a far-cry from my various threading appointments! When the product was off, some oil was applied to my eyebrows and hand (whereupon the hot wax was tested on my hand to check I was ok with the temperature of the wax) before the waxing commenced.


The wax itself was almost completely painless. I have no idea why I’ve subjected myself to almost a year of threading, which is bloody painful – when I could’ve been having Benefit waxes all this time. The risks associated with waxing are a higher risk of ingrown hairs and rashes occurring, but for the lack of pain involved, I’d say it’s worth it, for sure. After the wax was finished, my therapist checked that I was ok with the shape. I asked if she could make my brows a little thinner and she complied straightaway. There was none of this *’I’m not ok with what you’ve done but I don’t feel confident about asking you to do a bit more*’ that so often happens during beauty appointments. Because she’d made it clear from the start that I was involved in every step of this process, I felt like my views on my own eyebrows were valid. As they should be.


The end of the appointment was some concealer applied to my forehead to mask the redness caused by the wax, as well as some Benefit eyebrow products to give me that perfect ‘Insta-brow’ look. As she put the finishing touches to my eyebrows, the girl waiting for the 3pm appointment leaned over to tell me that my brows looked amazing. All in all, this was a thoroughly positive experience and I can’t EVER see myself going anywhere else to get my brows done ever again. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone and everyone thinking of getting their brows done.

This photo is completely untouched/unfiltered so you can see the exact colour/shape of my brows.Ignore my messy hair!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow! ❤

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