Clarins Skincare Review

About a month ago, I started using a bunch of Clarins products on my skin, to see what would happen. Before this, I’d mainly used cheaper products, or ones aimed solely at younger skin, as mine shows no signs of ageing at the moment (I should damn well hope so at 23!) Some of them have been great (but, alas, discontinued), some have been downright bad and others have been nothing more than pricey water. All in all, I think Clarins products are probably aimed at skin that has begun to get fine lines or show signs of ageing, as I found most of the products too heavy for my skin, as well as packed full of anti-ageing ingredients that did absolutely nothing for me!

Okay, so, we’ll start with the good news first. I started using their HydraQuench cream, which I think is performing incredibly well on my dry skin, as my makeup rarely flakes off during the day when I’ve used this product. They spun me some lark in the shop about how it’s main ingredient is some special tree that only drinks once a year and spreads this moisture out over the rest of the year, and so this cream knows how to make moisture last over a long time – all complete and utter bullshit, I’m sure. But the main thing is that it works, and it does. It has, however, been discontinued, as of last weekend. It’s being replaced by something called Hydra-Essentiel (I think!) that will launch on Sunday March 5th in the UK – I’m hoping this will be incredibly similar to the HydraQuench, as it’s a lovely product for dry/problem skin.

Within the same range, and still available, I also have the Hydraquench Intensive Serum. This, supposedly is a serum that you put on twice a day, morning and night, before cream. I’ve been using it once a day, before I go to bed, and without cream over the top, as I don’t tend to wear night-cream (to protect my skin from break-outs). I can’t say that I’ve noticed any particular change in my skin from using this product. It’s a light blue slightly viscous liquid that feels like water, and has no real scent to it. It does absorb very quickly, but this is of no real value when applied at night. Save yourself forty-odd quid and opt for some coconut oil instead, would be my advice.

Next up is a product that I still have my doubts about, and I only own it in tester format. Due to my eczema, I tend to be advised not to exfoliate by websites/books/health consultants. But beauty counter assistants always tell me that I can, and I should. Until two days ago, I stood my ground, but tonight I used, for the first time ever, an exfoliator. I went for a liquid one, which you just pour onto a cotton pad and sweep over dry, cleansed skin. Honestly? It felt like it did absolutely nothing at all. My skin didn’t seem cleaner/brighter/smoother or even any worse after this product. I used the Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner. I suspect that the casual use of the word ‘toner’ at the end of this product’s name is a subtle giveaway that’s it’s really nothing more than flavoured water, as we all know toners are utterly useless, in terms of actual properties. I can’t see myself buying this in future.

Another product I’ve been using is their Santal Face Oil, which is for dry and dehydrated skin. At first, I was completely enamoured by this product, and was convinced that it was single-handedly curing my dry patches. After around 3 weeks though, I noticed that I was getting an increase in spots in the exact same places where my dry patches had been, which was equally, if not more annoying! Since I’ve stopped using this oil, I haven’t had any more spots and so I think I am going to keep this oil in reserve for when my skin is incredibly parched. It obviously works if it can turn dry skin into oily skin, but I think this is a product best kept for emergencies.

I didn’t mean for this post to be a negative one – obviously everything I’ve said here is just my opinion! But for the price that Clarins products are (upwards of £40 usually), I expected more results and perhaps a larger selection of ‘lighter’ products that weren’t so rich in their consistency. I’ll continue to use the cream, but I can’t see myself buying any more of these products again in future.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow! ❤

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