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Legs-it Made Me Angry

Have I already used up my feminist rant quota for this month? Probably. Do I care? No. Okay. Let's get this over with. Today, a national newspaper in England decided that this was an appropriate headline and story to describe the pre-EU negotiation talks between the leaders of Scotland and England:   Words can't describe… Continue reading Legs-it Made Me Angry

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Mother's Day is fast approaching, and what better gift to give than a book? My own mother is currently drowning in the number of proofs and free copies of books I've passed onto her, so I'm not being allowed to buy her a book for Mother's Day! I've decided, however, to write a post of… Continue reading BOOK IDEAS for MOTHER’S DAY//Gift Guide

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I saw there was a moment last year where 'gratitude journals' suddenly became super popular. And this is fine, and cute, and quaint, but I could see myself just repeating myself day after day, being grateful for the same old things. And then maybe resenting them for being so perpetually joy-inducing. I am grateful that… Continue reading WHAT I’M GRATEFUL FOR.

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LUSH Scrubee Review

Consider this post the first in a series. I am OBSESSED with Lush, having only discovered them around 18 months ago, but I've already tried hundreds of their products. I'm thinking of writing regular blog post reviews of LUSH products, and what better product to kick things off with than Scrubee? First of all -… Continue reading LUSH Scrubee Review

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Maybelline Nudes Palettes Review (Blushed Nudes/Rock Nudes)

I'm not usually a 'nude' colour palette kinda gal. Those Urban Decay Naked palettes have never spoken to me. Aesthetically speaking, I prefer more of a cobalt blue, an emerald green or a fuchsia pink. But, bearing that in mind, the eye shadow colour I tend to wear almost every day at work, without fail,… Continue reading Maybelline Nudes Palettes Review (Blushed Nudes/Rock Nudes)

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Rash/Eczema Flare-Up Skincare Solutions

I've always had eczema all over my hands, but occasionally it creeps onto my face too. There I was, two nights ago minding my own business, watching Crufts, when my forehead started to itch. Then, it started weeping, and then the next day I had itchy welts all over my forehead, down the right hand… Continue reading Rash/Eczema Flare-Up Skincare Solutions