What I’ve Learnt from Daily Blogging

REWIND back 8 months : I’ve been saying for AGES that I want a blog, and in June I start one. I post irregularly, perhaps once a month, and I (surprise) still find myself saying, ‘I really need to put more effort into my blog’. Somehow, even though I have bags of free time, I never get round to it. I get bogged down in niggles that people won’t like my blogging style, or my themes or even just me in general. Whenever I do write a blog post, it’s about something big, that I’m emotionally attached to: a break-up, leaving a job, a scary doctor’s visit. It’s no surprise, now that I think about it, that I didn’t find blogging a particularly fun experience. Yes, writing is therapeutic, but not everything needs to be written out of blood and tears.


I challenged myself 6 days ago to undertake a ‘7 day blogging challenge’ where I posted a new post every day for 7 days. The aims of this were to create a blogging habit, to kick-start my creativity and learn to love to blog all over again. I sincerely hope I’ve achieved these – I think I have!


I can’t deny, it’s been a baptism of fire. I’m usually quite a private person, and so ‘putting myself out there’ all week, feeling like I’m spamming everyone’s insta/twitter/facebook has been a nerve-wracking experience. I also took part in my first ever ‘blogger chat’ last night (Sunday evening) with the lovely @GRLPOWRCHAT, hosted by @candidlydarling. This was an hour – that felt like 5 minutes! – where I answered questions and engaged with a lovely group of bloggers on Twitter, and I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and supportive every single participant was. My final message in the chat was to say that I’d be back, and I really do hope I have the confidence to follow through and join another chat in future.


Daily blogging is hard. I was prepared for this, but it was still a slog to get my laptop out every single evening, after getting home from work and winding down for the evening. Actually, even on my days off, it was hard to motivate myself on one or two nights. But it’s rewarding too. As soon as I turn my laptop off and go to sleep, I feel that I’ve accomplished something and I’m proud. It’s difficult sometimes to ignore the ‘views’ and ‘likes’ when a post you really liked doesn’t go down well but I’m slowly learning that the only opinion that matters is mine when it comes to my blog. Am I creating content that makes me happy? And this week, the answer is yes, I have.


One thing that surprised me was how much I enjoyed writing/planning the two beauty blog posts I’ve done this week. Perhaps (I’m not sure yet) this will be the route my blog goes down in the future. Although, that’s a discussion I’ve yet to have with myself and my planner!


I’ve actually really enjoyed blogging daily, and so I’ve taken the plunge and decided I’m going to commit to this for a while longer. What I am going to do though, is stop the daily promotion on my Facebook account, so if you’ve been reading this from there, please give me a follow on here or over on Twitter/Instagram (@poppyraptor for both accounts) if you want to see more of my random ramblings!


Thank you all so much for your support over these past seven days, I’ve learnt so much and I’ve already come into contact with some lovely people – I can’t wait to see how the future goes with me and my little old blog!

See you next time! ❤

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