All-Time Favourite Makeup Products

The response to my first ever foray into the beauty blog world (yesterday’s post) was surprisingly good, so I thought I’d follow it up with yet enough one! I’m one of those people that switches up my make-up game all the time; I’m always trying new products and new techniques, but these products aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, just because they’re so, so good. So, without further ado:


1 – Garnier BB Cream in shade Light


I’ve used this product for around seven years now, and I don’t think a better tinted moisturiser exists! I always use another moisturiser and serum underneath this product and use it more as a foundation than a moisturiser. This BB cream gives absolutely amazing coverage, it’s usually the only foundation I need to use to cover every blemish and dark area. Plus, one tube tends to last me around 6 months – it’s amazing stuff!


2 – Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in shade 1 – Fair


This is the only concealer I’ve found in Boots that blends with my very fair skin tone, I usually find most ‘light’ shades to be far too yellowy based. I use it under my eyes, to get rid of dark circles, and to cover any spots I may have. Two coats usually covers even the largest face stonker. Also, this product has recently been endorsed by Zoella as her favourite high-street concealer, if my review isn’t enough to convince you! The only negative thing is that it tends to run out really quickly, I find myself buying a new one probably once every 3 weeks, but as it’s so cheap, this doesn’t really matter all that much.


3 – Hoola by Benefit


This is a beautiful tan shade, which I use for my contouring. I’ve tried other products, and nothing blends as well as this and gives a better colour. They usually do mini versions in their Christmas gift packs, which is where I always get mine from. I find the mini ones tend to last about a year, so they’re good value in that respect. If you buy the full-size one, don’t bother with the brush that comes with it, which is small, weirdly-shaped and ultimately useless. I’d use either a round ended contour brush or a full powder brush, depending on if you want to use Hoola for contouring or bronzing.


4 – Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner


This comes in two variations – this one, which is a fine-liner, and also a Fat Cat which is more like a fat marker pen. I much prefer the thinner one, as you can build up how thick you want your line to be. I tend to struggle a lot with my eye-makeup melting on me during the day, and this eyeliner has never once succumbed to this fate. For me, it’s a lifesaver product and I couldn’t do without it. It’s basically a felt tip pen, which makes winged eyeliner, and other fashion styles so much easier to do. I use this product daily and I’ve had it for almost a year, so it’s very cost-effective, which seems to be a theme with these products!


5 – Holly Sharpe for Limited Collection (M&S) lipstick in shade Tomato


Surprising, I know, but Marks & Spencer’s Limited Collection (both clothes and beauty) is usually completely on point, and this lipstick is no exception. This lipstick is the most perfect orangey-red that suits my fair complexion to a tee. I sometimes find dark reds too vampy, and cherry reds make my lips look too thin, but this shade gets it just right, and always makes my makeup look more ‘done’. As it was Limited Edition, this shade is no longer available, which makes me sad, as I’m getting to the end of my one!



Well, that’s it for today! Apologies for two posts on very similar themes on consecutive days, but I’m running out of ideas after FIVE days of daily blogging! I can see the finish line now though! Do let me know which posts you’ve enjoyed during my #7daybloggingchallenge and which themes you think I should continue to write about, be it beauty, books, opinions pieces or whatever else you’ve enjoyed reading on my blog.

See you tomorrow for Day Six!

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