Little Life Update

Ok, I’m starting to flag with this post-a-blog-once-a-day-for-seven-days malarkey. It’s 9pm on a Thursday evening and I’m absolutely exhausted after a day of traipsing round shops to research for a high-street trend review/opinion blog piece. My feet are also bloody killing me because I’m a numpty who decided to break in her 5-inch-heel silver Topshop boots for such a day. I mean, I don’t completely regret it, they looked pretty awesome, but still…my feet don’t half hurt right now! So, I’m going to put the fashion blog piece on the back-burner, if that’s alright with you guys. I promise I’ll do it in the future, I’ll make sure to do a proper re-schedule in my bullet-journal (yeah, I’m one of those people now) but do feel free to bug me if you think I’ve forgotten.

Instead, I’m just gonna write a little life update, as I know some of you that read my blog haven’t seen me since last November. Not much has changed, if I’m honest – my life is still as boringly normal as ever. LOL. I suppose the first thing of note is that I started my new job in November as a bookseller for one  of the leading high-street chain bookstores (MilkPebbles, JuiceRocks, Water… – yeah, you get it). Overall, I like it, it’s certainly the best type of retail I’ve ever known, although I’m not sure if that’s all too much of a compliment. You still get the rude customers, the messy customers and the temperamental colleagues, although I suppose you can’t have everything. It’s as good a stop-gap as any, and I’m learning something almost every day. There’ve been suggestions of training me up to managerial level and I became a keyholder early last week. Anyone who knows me will know I’m always sniffing around for the next level/promotion/responsibility I can get, and this job is no different. I’ve got my sights set on an official job-title of Senior Bookseller as my next goal – I’ll keep you posted!

Although I’ve talked about moving out since last August, I’m actually still living at home, mostly due to my total lack of budgeting skills. This is as difficult as you would imagine it to be – a 24-year-old living in a cramped bungalow with their parents and having to adhere to a strict curfew isn’t exactly how I pictured spending the ‘best years of my life’ but I’m saving solidly and the plan is to move out autumn this year, around September time. My preliminary thoughts are about going back up North, it seems to be where I have the highest concentration of potential friends, if I would be able to force myself to be more sociable. I think, though, after spending the last 12 months since I moved back down South mainly by myself, I would welcome a social change of scenery. I’m finally starting to realise that there’s no long-term future for me in my home-town, and I need to think about where I can see myself putting down roots. I still have 6 months to save more money and consider things more carefully though -I’m sure I’ll come to the right decision in that time.

Romantically – nothing. Zip. Nada. Nil points. I’ve been on one date since January 2016 (courtesy of Tinder, and, oh my, wasn’t that a mistake) and I’ve been wholly celibate during that time too. I guess the positive spin to this is that I’ve learnt to be more comfortable in my own skin without the need for validation from external sources. If I want to wear blue lipstick, I’m damn well going to, and that’s something I never would have had the confidence to say/do within a relationship before. Christ, it’s starting to sound all depressing now – it’s not, I swear – I’m happy being single, it’s almost nice knowing I’ve got no roots or ties to my current situation. It’s nice feeling free. (As free as you can be when you’re still ridiculously hung up on somebody who doesn’t like you back. Let’s not go there. Really. Let’s not. You all know that story.)


And finally – new things I have started since November, that I love:

  • Bullet journal-ing : As I mentioned above, I’ve started a bullet journal and I love it so much! It’s really simple for now, as I’m just starting out, but I’ve got pages that track my progress in the books I’m reading, help me to budget for each month and also one that I use to remind me to catch up with friends that live far away on a regular basis. If you like lists and plans and notebooks, this is a trend you NEED to get into.
  • An actual skin-care regime : I’ve spend most of my life getting angry at the counter-assistants in Boots that have scolded me for using a £3 moisturiser and nothing else to prep my skin for makeup. Recently, I’ve gone through a pretty bad spell of dry/sensitive skin on my face, and I’ve decided to do a complete overhaul of my facial skincare – I now use a face oil, two serums, £36 moisturiser and NEVER use face wipes. It’s actually done wonders for my skin, I can now get away with wearing a much lighter foundation than I usually would, and my skin type has mostly settled down, and become less oily. I’m actually going to do a post on my dry skin care package later in the week – I think possibly tomorrow – so be prepared for more on this subject!
  • Ambient lighting : I’ve bought 4 packs of fairy lights from Primark in the past month alone and I have no regrets at all. I’ve even got a string of little pink lights shaped like unicorns! Only me.


That’s all for now, folks! Hope this hasn’t been too boringly self-indulgent for you, and I’ll be back to business as usual tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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