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What I’ve Learnt from Daily Blogging

REWIND back 8 months : I've been saying for AGES that I want a blog, and in June I start one. I post irregularly, perhaps once a month, and I (surprise) still find myself saying, 'I really need to put more effort into my blog'. Somehow, even though I have bags of free time, I… Continue reading What I’ve Learnt from Daily Blogging

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Since I started my job in a bookshop back in November, I buy books ALL the time. I'm talking like 2 a week - it's an unaffordable lifestyle, especially as I don't have the time to read them all! So, to combat this, and help me to read more diversely, I've put a shoe-box next… Continue reading WHAT’S IN MY MARCH BOOK-BOX?!

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All-Time Favourite Makeup Products

The response to my first ever foray into the beauty blog world (yesterday's post) was surprisingly good, so I thought I'd follow it up with yet enough one! I'm one of those people that switches up my make-up game all the time; I'm always trying new products and new techniques, but these products aren't going… Continue reading All-Time Favourite Makeup Products

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Dry/Problem Skincare S.O.S

I’ve struggled with bad skin all my life: on my body, my face, my scalp - you name it, I've got it. I’ve had skin so dry it flakes off, skin so dehydrated it splits in two at the slightest touch, as well as heinous breakouts and oily spells. I’ve been through it all. So… Continue reading Dry/Problem Skincare S.O.S

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Little Life Update

Ok, I'm starting to flag with this post-a-blog-once-a-day-for-seven-days malarkey. It's 9pm on a Thursday evening and I'm absolutely exhausted after a day of traipsing round shops to research for a high-street trend review/opinion blog piece. My feet are also bloody killing me because I'm a numpty who decided to break in her 5-inch-heel silver Topshop… Continue reading Little Life Update

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Carve The Mark – Book Review

Sometimes a book gets carried away in its own hype - Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey, for example, has been a smash-hit sensation with teenagers over the past six months for unfathomable reasons. I've avoided it for that exact same reason, although today I caved and bought a copy. The only reason I did this?… Continue reading Carve The Mark – Book Review


My Dog Is A Racist

No, really, he is. I absolutely detest walking him these days as he growls aggressively at big, black dogs (and occasionally dark brown ones too). Small dogs seem to be immune - perhaps size really does matter after all - but anyway, I digress. My dog, called Digby, is not remotely confrontational in any other… Continue reading My Dog Is A Racist